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How to Remove the VMN Toolbar

The VMN Toolbar is a search toolbar that embeds on your Web browser, allowing you to search for content from multiple popular websites. VMN supports an easy-to-use interface, including an anti-spyware protection tool. If you have a Web toolbar that you use and have no use for this one, you can remo

How to Put Attachments on a Kirby Heritage II Vacuum

When you purchased the Kirby Heritage II upright vacuum cleaner, it came equipped with duster brush, surface nozzle brush, radiator tool, radiator tool brush, inflator and an air intake nozzle. These accessories make your Kirby Heritage II upright vacuum cleaner versatile. All of these attachments e

Overwriting the Index File

Everyone makes mistakes, it's a fact of humanity. But sometimes Web mistakes can be disastrous, and sometimes they are just funny. I have made some major mistakes in my time as a Web developer, and I'm sure I haven't made my last. This is a story of a mistake made by a Web Design / HT

How to Use a URL Sniffer to Download an FLV

A URL "sniffer" is a tool that recognizes the media information from a website's URL (Web address) and allows users to download and convert the streaming video. FLVs are the most common type of streaming video on the Web, and are the default file type for sites like YouTube and Google Video. There a

Which is Better? Upright or Grand Pianos

Grand pianos are usually better than upright pianos. Nevertheless, there are 2 reasons to contemplate an upright piano: Constrained room Restricted budgetAlthough an upright piano may possibly be considered because of area restrictions, simply because ...

How to Move "Bejeweled 2" to a New Computer

Moving program files from one computer to another can be a tricky process, as the software installs system files and registry entries onto the computer that cannot easily be found and copied to removable media such as a USB flash drive. Therefore, the best way to "move" an installed game software on

How to Add an iFrame Code on Blogspot

The BlogSpot – now called Blogger – blog service allows you to add content from external sites with iFrame HyperText Markup Language design code, using it to syndicate content such as video clips, advertising and interactive features.. To add an iFrame to your blog posts, use BloggerR

Explanation of Web Addresses

The Internet allows computer users to access information on systems across the world. With so many users plugged in, and the numbers multiplying each day, there must be a system of keeping all these computer destinations straight. Website addresses are the key to navigating the web. They might appea

How to Make Your Own Website on Yahoo

Yahoo! offers web hosting for a monthly fee of less than $15. Yahoo! Web Hosting is targeted mainly toward small businesses. They can use Yahoo! Web Hosting to advertise their business and even offer online shopping through PayPal. A website purchased through Yahoo! includes the domain name as well

SEO Kick-Starts List Building

Internet marketers know how crucial list building is in making any online business a success. Most of them will also agree that SEO is increasingly becoming a critical component of list building. SEO is the ...