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Setting Up a Textile Business: A Success Story

22 years ago, when Joseph Rotich resigned as an Information Technology manager, who would have thought that he would one day own a multi-million textile company in Eldoret, Kenya. "Square Deals Uniforms Limited", the company that has grown over the years to such a level that it can now com

Learn Dream Analysis

Many people believe that dreams have hidden messages that show us how we should live our lives. To understand what these messages are we first have to learn how to analyze them.

The TLC For Leaders

While we often think of TLC as the tender loving care that your mother offers you in order to comfort you, when it comes to leadership, it actually stands for getting trained, learning, and being a champion for the right causes or directions. Those of us who have been professionally involved in iden

Conquer The Habit Of Worry

Do you constantly ask yourself Will I have Enough Money? Will I have The Time? Will I Have The Strength? What Will I Say? How Will I get It All done? Who Will Help Me? Are You? Asking the questions is okay if you simply ask them, but if you worry about them constantly you can seriously harm your hea

How to grow a brilliant you

Imagine yourself as a small seed. You are a powerful being, constantly growing and increasingly fulfilling your potential. May you enjoy many blessings on your exciting journey of growth this year!

Self Esteem - The Precursor To Happiness

How you feel about yourself dictates your level of inner joy and happiness.It also dictates the successes you have (or don't have).We achieve what we feel we are worthy of- nothing more, nothing less.Your sense of 'worth' is not based on surface values... it is based on core beliefs.S

What Rays Are the Ascended Masters Working On?

There are 7 rays of incarnation. Our soul incarnates into body on one of these 7 rays. We are also influenced through our lives by other rays. Our physical / etheric, emotional and mental bodies and personality are all each influenced by one of these rays. Therefore we can receive guidance and help

Negative In, Positive Out

Many people believe to be a POSITIVE PERSON you need to just SMILE and say POSITIVE THINGS.Some people are naturally wired this way and see the best in everything and everyone, but for the majority of us we really have to work at it.

Keep Pedaling - Time For a Nap

When looking to take a bike tour, there were a number of factors that came into play in regards to which one to try. Some of the criteria we had when selecting a tour were; length of the tour, size of the group, location of the ride, who we would be riding with and last but not least, what were the

How Much Do You Dream?

When you dream your creative mind comes to the fore and finds a way in which to achieve your goals.Without a dream how would your mind know what to do?

Putting Yourself on a Time Out

The need for us to take a time out isn't limited to once a day, or once a week, and it isn't completely satisfied by "girls' night out." Think about incorporating time outs for yourself in different ways and on a variety of levels. First, you really need to incorporate short

What Is The Key to a Bright and Satisfying Career?

Is there anyone in the world who does not have a career? Everyone does something or other to make a living. Some people are happy with what they do and some people are never satisfied with whatever they do. What is the reason for this difference and how can one lead a satisfying life with a fruitful

Eustress - The Positive Side of Stress

Eustress is referred to as the good or positive side of stress. It usually comes in the form of a pressure that pushes you without detrimentally scaring you. The prefix of the word eustress is a Greek word eu which means good.