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Preventative Measures to Combat a Yeast Infection

Burning sensation, itching and pain during urination rings an alarm that sends an individual to consult to the nearest doctor - but some will just ignore the situation and go on with their routines as if there's nothing really wrong about it. The condition is caused by candida albicans and medi

Common Aches and Pains During Pregnancy That Are Normal

One of the more common joint pains experienced during pregnancy or postpartum is the Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction, or SPD in short. During pregnancy the ligaments around symphysis pubic region is naturally relaxed and softened as a natural course in preparation for the baby's birth. The pelvis i

Why Can't Thrush Just Spare The Nipples!

Have you ever had sore nipples that constantly itch irritatingly?No, please do not ever think of getting the scissors to snip off those nipples!Allegorically, if you really feel like doing this already, read on, you may have nipples with thrush.

Curing a Woman's Vaginal Yeast Infection In 5 Easy Ways

A woman's vaginal yeast infection also called Yeast Vaginitis or Vaginal Candidiasis is one of the most common discomforts many females face and suffer each day. Throughout the country there are many endless sleepless nights due to this infection. How many more nights of itching do you need to

Laser Scar Removal at Anti Aging Clinics

Many times, when people think about anti aging clinics they think of complete, holistic healthcare that is not so mainstream. However, holistic healthcare can be very mainstream, just be careful which kind of doctor you go to.

Early Abortion Pill Approved by FDA

In a long-awaited milestone action, the FDA Thursday approved RU-486, the pill that will provide American women who are within the first 7 weeks of pregnancy a nonsurgical abortion option.

Blood Glucose Levels During Exercise

Exercise has a number of great health benefits. It improves your strength, lowers your blood pressure and improves endurance. For diabetics, exercise is a great way to control high blood glucose levels, according to the American Diabetes Association. Regular exercise can keep blood glucose levels lo

Hope For PCOS Patients - Several Treatment Options

The disorder called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or more commonly referred to as PCOS can be an alarmingly frustrating experience for a woman. It attacks in two very depressing way: it makes a woman develop male characteristics and it renders a woman infertile. For instance, it can make a woman develop

Gold Charms A Perfect Gift

Charms are attractive pieces of jewelry that have been linked with love and luck. This article is about giving you an overview of the beauty of gold charms and its value as a gift.

Yeast Infection Treatment - How to Be Rid of Candida For Good

If you're tired of trying everything and still not getting rid of your yeast infection, learn how there is a natural yeast infection treatment that will allow you to overcome your frustration and start living a happy, healthy life. Yeast infections are caused by a fungus that grows out of contr

At Work Weight - Your Job Sucks and is Making You Fat

At work weight gain is probably is just another reason to hate your daily job. I mean of in this economy it is great to just a job however other than the fact that your job really sucks on top of that it is making you fat. Let's face it you spend most of your day driving to and from work and an

Home Treatments For Recurring Ovarian Cyst Remedies

Most tend to be disheartened that they are embracing home treatments for recurring ovarian cyst remedies as a solution that may reduce and sometimes get rid of your ovarian cyst and prevent them from recurring.

What You Can Do to Treat Recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis

Imagine if you have spent the last few months successfully getting rid of bacterial vaginosis and only to find out that it is back again. And this time, it is back with a vengeance with terrible burning and pain!