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Ironic Couples Costume Ideas

Creative Halloween costumes may seem more trivial to come up with every year, especially when going to a party as a couple.The couple may ask whether they should match and if so, what should they be? Ironic couple's costumes can give the guests a laugh. If there is a contest, you might even win if y

How to Repair a Broken Screen on an iPod Touch

Repairing a broken screen on your iPod touch can be risky since it requires you to take apart the device and expose the delicate internal components. Be sure to work carefully and patiently.

The Best Christmas Gifts

The idea of Christmas being fundamentally all about present giving and Santa Clause is not a part of the early Christmas tradition but the consequences of a westernised tradition. Now it seems in the year 2009 gift giving, is all about competition, who gives the best Christmas gifts. Every year fami

Animal Party Snacks for Kids

An animal-themed party appeals to a wide age range. The animal theme works well as the inspiration for the party details, from the decorations to the food. Animal-themed food provides an interesting alternative to the usual pizza or sandwiches often served at kids' parties. Adjust the recipes to tak

How to Play the Name Game

The Name Game is a fun warm-up game to get your party started for adults or kids of all ages. It's the perfect game to promote mingling of your guests. Play this at your next holiday event or party.

Christmas Decorating Ideas for Outdoor Recessed Lights

Share Christmas joy with the neighborhood with illuminated outdoor decorations.Merry Christmas image by Andy Sears from Fotolia.comDecorating your home's exterior for Christmas is an endeavor that requires creating a seamless integration between your home's architecture and the...

How to Make 80s-Themed Costumes

Known as the decade of greed, the 1980s was a time of excess and extravagance. This sensibility was especially prevalent in fashion. Bright colors, big hair, leather, lace, leg warmers and accessories were all the rage. When creating your own '80s costume, remember that there is no such thing as too

Gifts for a Six-Year Anniversary

Gift-giving is an exciting part of anniversaries.Chris Ted/Lifesize/Getty ImagesAnniversary gifts can quickly become bland if you keep giving the same present year after year. Therefore, guides have been made with suggestions for every year. If you are a traditional couple, you have...

Scary Halloween Coloring Pages

To get your children into the Halloween spirit it's nice to give them plenty of activities to do. Having a collection of spooky Halloween artwork is something they are sure to enjoy. Many online sites provide free Halloween coloring pages that kids can decorate.

Halloween Costumes for Men

It can be difficult to come up with a costume each year for Halloween. You know that someone at the costume party will have a camera and you want to make sure people talk about your costume. Fortunately, men have several costume choices that range in price and complexity. Consider these ideas for yo

Unique Ideas for Wrapping Easter Gifts

Grass from Easter baskets can serve as a unique gift topper.Jodie Coston/Photodisc/Getty ImagesInstead of following the traditional route and placing Easter gifts into a basket, try putting a unique spin on your gift giving with some creative Easter wrapping ideas. From newspaper to...

How to Sketch an Easter Basket

Easter baskets remain one of the season's iconic images, whether they're brimming with colorfully decorated Easter eggs, baby chicks, holiday candies or Easter bunnies. Sketches of Easter baskets offer a variety of uses: household decorations, spare outlines for kids to color in as an Easter activit

Horse Gifts for Babies

Horse-themed clothing makes a good baby gift for horse lovers.pony mit pony image by Otmar Smit from Fotolia.comAn equine baby gift for the newborn is sure to fit the bill for both parents and the new little one. With so many items to choose from, your only problem may be finding just one...

Useful Tips For A Toddler Birthday Party

A toddler birthday party is a milestone in your child's life. While babies won't remember parties you've held for them, toddlers most likely will.

Simple Halloween Games

Halloween party games are a great way to keep all of your guests entertained. Having a variety of games will allow your guests to feel comfortable choosing which games to take part in. Games that require little or no preparation, are easy to follow and encourage teamwork are great...

Holidays Are Always Fantastic

You can choose either to entertain yourself or you can let the catering halls staff do the job for you. Either way you are in for a jolly good time because entertainment has always been the trade mark of this distinguished holiday company.

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for a Teacher

Christmas is a good time to show appreciation to your child's teacher.CHRISTMAS GIFT image by brelsbil from Fotolia.comYou don't need to break the bank to show your favorite teacher your gratitude. A meaningful, heartfelt Christmas gift isn't always the most expensive one. Consider the...

NYC Sport Clubs

A fitness club offers a safe exercise environment where you can get in shape away from the potentially dangerous city streets and out of the elements. Whether you are looking for an upscale gym that combines social time with workout time, a conveniently located gym that is reasonably...