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Sally Ann Voak's Chocolate Diets

The front cover of The Chocolate Diet promised that the reader could eat chocolate and lose seven pounds in two weeks. Voak's book contains quizzes to determine whether a person is a chocoholic and which of the six diets a person should follow.

Beacons of Evil

Satan, or the Devil is a chemist!/ He is a puppet string puller too!/ He is a lustful pauper, a huge bird of the sea, a crewman, / An amusement for his followers./ Pitiably he drags his imps,/ -awkward as they are with their large charcoal wings, / He drags them like oars, -- here, there, wherever!/

'Pilots On Food Stamps' Highlights

There are careers that are considered to be high in terms of value for what they can pay. A piloting career is one of the most lucrative and it attracts thousands, even though only a few make it. Ask any child what they wish to be when they grow up and a pilot will be the answer for most of them. Ho

JR Ward's "Lover Avenged" - A Book Review

I liked this book better than I thought I would. If you follow the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, then you know each book has its own hero and tells how he fell in love with and bonded with his soulmate. My very favorite so far has been the story of Zsadist and Bella.

Please Pass the Sweet Potatoes, A Short Story of Love and Betrayal

As the years past, Jacob Brown became closer and closer to each of his children. He was amazed at their different personalities and jokingly asked his wife on several occasions if she was sure the children were his? There was no doubt in his mind, each child had a strong resemblance to him. There wa

Summary of to Kill a Mockingbird - Chapter 14

Jem and Scout become the town's object for staring and whispering people as the trial of the black man Tom Robinson moves on and their father Atticus is his legal defense representative. Scout attempts to find the meaning of rape by asking her father.

Intense Jealousy

I am overpowered by intense jealousy, Some one should not get angry and feel pity? Neither is it not confined to one city, Nor it has descended from divinity.

A Life of the Genius Ramanujan

Although I had learned that Ramanujan was a genius yet I couldn't appreciate his discoveries or inventions but as I read the book it compelled me to finish reading my very first autobiography and hence this book review.The sub title of the book entirely captures his work.

Get the Best Fiction Books and Step Into a New World

Are you a passionate reader? Do you want to grab best trilogy series and fiction books to help you pass this summer then this article is your best resort. In this article you will come ...

Kiss Me, Kill Me by Ann Rule - True Crime Book Review

This book has ten true crime stories included. Kiss Me, Kill Me is the longest story with 128 pages and is about a young pregnant mother who gets killed in her home. The other stories "The Postman Only Killed Once", What's Love Got To Do With It? ", "Old Flames Can Burn"

At Each Moment

We are going down each moment everyday. There is no peace in any day. No respite and many challenges on the way. Future seems bleak and no hope for bright ray.

Romancing the King: Finding Intimacy With God by Brian Lake

Brian Lake's "Romancing the King" explores life changing principles for finding intimate fellowship and union with God. Brian's writing is innovative with a new freshness and enthusiasm for pursuing the presence of God. The book is breathtaking in possibility and provides practic

'Daoist Health Preservation Exercises' By Bian Zhizhong - A Review

Chinese anti-aging and longevity expert Bian Zhizhong looks to natural treatments to restore youthfulness and prolong healthy life in 'Daoist Health Preservation Exercises' (1996) from China Today Press. He explains why these are more effective than traditional Western methods before setti

It Is Great

I thank God for making me realize. I am greatly indebted and obliged. I have got whatever I wanted. Life was normal and passed without being hunted.

Not At My Best, But Getting Better

A worthy habit to get into is being gentle with ourselves for any human lapse. Taken to God are these failures and repentance is known via a commitment to do better next time. To not give up in achieving the hitting-of-the-mark in future.

Hot Flashes - A Short Story Excerpt

She is a beast. She is frighteningly intelligent first and on top of that, meddlesome. Who asked her to join us at the table? What is her interest in Rafael's thumb? He is a little child. He is my sister's, not hers and anyway, could my sister have been in her right mind when she hired her