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How to Tell When Your Minolta Camera Is Out of Film

For those photographers who are used to taking pictures digitally, using a 35 mm camera may seem like a novelty. Unlike digital media, a camera that operates using film has a smaller, fixed number of pictures on each roll of film. Once the roll has reached the end, the film must be rewound and the f

If Only I Had A Better Camera

"If only I had a better camera, I could be a great photographer." I hear comments like this every day in my gallery, and I know other photographers hear the same thing. Unfortunately, when people see great professional photography, they mistakenly believe that the camera, not the photograp

How Many Digital Camera Megapixels Do You Need?

A regular concern among digital camera users is which size photos will they be able to print out. This is connected to your digital camera megapixel rating. The bigger paper size you choose to print photos the more likely you are to see pixilation. This is when you start to see the individual pixels

Using Large Aperture Settings - Digital Photography Tips

If you want your photo to be as sharp as possible then you are going to need to learn some good information about how to use the aperture settings in your camera. Improper use of this in your camera can make for photos that are not as great as they possibly can be.

How to Make Money Selling Your Digital Photos on the Internet Easily!

You're in the middle of a magnificent photographic opportunity. The light is right, the surroundings perfect, and nothing can jerk you away from collecting a series of great shots. It's later on when you realize you're sitting on some very nice snaps. So how do you get these digital p

How to Become a Better Photographer

Photography can be a fun hobby. Millions of people all over the world enjoy taking photos of family, friends, events, nature and what have you. However, most people are only average photographers at best. If you want to better your photography skills, then you will find that there are various ways t

How to Change the Date on a Photograph

Changing the date associated with a photograph can be done in the Windows and Mac operating systems. It is possible that the date linked to your photograph is incorrect, and you may want to change it to reflect the truth. A date may also be directly on the photograph, and you want it removed or chan

How to Take an Action Shot With a Canon Rebel Xti

The Canon Rebel XTi is a digital SLR camera with a wide variety of photography options for both the amateur and the professional photographer. By following a few simple steps, even a novice photographer can take fantastic action shots using this camera. By changing just one setting on the camera, yo

How to Sell Handmade Furniture

Fortunately many options present themselves when artisans and craftsmen seek out avenues to sell their handmade products. The Internet, local shops, flea markets and privately owned furniture stores that accept items on consignment or buy your items outright for less than retail prices. Word of mout

Up-Close Encounters of the Macro Kind

Have you ever marveled at those pictures of close-up objects where you can't hardly even tell what it is you're looking at? Or what about those amazing shots of the rainbow colored insects that seem almost as if they were a life-size animal caught roaming the underbrush of some far away ju

Cherish Your Wedding Day With a Photo

New Orleans is a creative and artistic city, and local photographers have learned to include that imagination into that special day. Nowadays brides are much more fascinated in natural story telling compared to just smiling and posing. New Orleans photography style has become so in style because of

Purchasing Photos Online - How To Find The Perfect Photo

Taking photos is not the only way you can find the perfect photo for the walls in your home. For those who are not interested in being behind the camera, but appreciate the art of photography, there are many ways to find the perfect photo online. Many photographers place their work online to sell, a

Photography: Underwater Tips

Most of us have not tried it but underater photography is easy, fun, and full of surprises. Here are some tips to get you started...

The Best Family And Friends Photo Booth Pictures

If you are hosting a family event and other gathering, a photo booth is one of the best investments you can make. The strip photos will remind your guests of the event for a long time in the future, and they get to personalize the photos. This is one of the best ways to guarantee a spot in a loved o

Light Box Photo Techniques

Light boxes are an essential tool for any photographer. They are used to soften lighting, reduce harsh glare and modify shadows. They are available in different sizes, but you can also make your own, which is ideal if you want to add or remove walls and replace them with fabrics of different thickne

Taking pictures of children in a home

One fun aspect of children's photography is taking pictures of children in a home and using the homes furniture and walls as the backdrop. This may involve taking pictures of children in your own home, ...

Invitation Ideas For Graduation Cards

Whether you're graduating from grade school or graduate school, graduation is a big achievement. To mark this special occasion, and invite friends and family to celebrate it, consider sending out graduation cards. These personalized cards can range from complex projects to simple...