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Havahart Wireless Dog Fence Review

The Havahart Wireless dog fence is the newest entry into the wireless dog fence market. The following article examines the Havahart and details the pros and cons of this pet containment system.

How to Identify a Miniature Bull Terrier

The Miniature Bull Terrier has a clowny, fearless temperament, but at the same time, is loyal and obedient. The terrier loves affection, making it a great pet for a family. Since these dogs are active, they do need activities and should not be left alone more than a few hours per day. This can be an

How To Stop Puppies From Biting

Children tend to explore the world using their hands. Similarly, puppies explore their world using their mouth. At a young age, they start nipping, biting or chewing various things and if this habit is not controlled in its early stages, it may become pretty destructive in the future as they even st

The Traits Of Fake Shih Tzu Breeders

Check and see if your potential Shih Tzu breeder is on a national breeder registry before you buy. Reputable Shih Tzu breeders offer constant access for advice and they also offer detailed care and feeding instructions. If you do not get an offer of free pet insurance from your Shih Tzu breeder then

How to Be a Search Dog Handler

Search and rescue (SAR) is an emotionally and physically grueling volunteer activity. Search dog handlers give up their time, money and resources to help serve their community and country. They spend hours training their dogs, both on and off the field. Search and rescue is, however, extremely rewar

Why Do Dogs Roam?

If your dog is roaming around the neighborhood, the reasons might be boredom or just looking for a mate. No matter what the reason is, your dog could be in danger once he leaves your property. We'll look at some ways to prevent it from happening as well.

Training My Mastiff to Tell Me He Has to Go Outside

Mastiffs are a very stubborn dog and I know from experience that training them to let me know when they have to go out can be a challenge. Here is a step that I have found that works wonders in getting my Mastiff to let me know that he has to go outside to use the potty.

Dog Training Basics - How to Raise an Obedient Dog

Dogs are loving, smart and loyal, which is why they make such good pets. If you're planning to have a dog as a pet, though, you'll want to train it, though, and raise it to be a good, obedient dog. Below are some dog training basics.

Life Cycle of a Badger

The robust, short-legged American badger (Taxidea taxus) measures up to 30 inches in length with a tail that reaches between 4 to 6 inches. Most badgers weigh around 26 pounds when fully grown but some will weigh up to 40 pounds. Their fur appears grayish in color with black highlights and a white s

Scissoring Techniques

Electric clippers are often used by dog groomers, but groomers often take pride in their scissoring techniques. Scissoring, like most other activities, takes practice, and is considered an art form in the grooming world. Novice dog groomers often spend hours holding the shears and learning to operat

How to Care for a Rescue Dog or Cat

Every day animal shelters take in dozens of homeless dogs and cats who with hope await their forever home. Sadly for some that never happens, but there are the lucky ones who are rescued and their futures look bright. If you have made the commitment or are considering adopting a pet from an animal s

The Best Foods for a Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are small dogs and cheaper to feed, because they eat less. However, you also need to make sure you regulate their nutrition so they don't eat too much and gain weight. Feed the dogs smaller amounts, and make sure the pets are getting all the nutrients and vitamins that they need to stay h

Medications and Your Dog

Do you have trouble giving your dog his or her medications? With some dogs it can be a very difficult process. There are dogs who love to take their medicine, and there are dogs that will fight against you forever. Unfortunately, there is not a lot that you can do about this.

An in Depth Look at Nutrition For Your Pet - Part 4

Vitamin B6 is available in wheat germ, egg yolk, fish and whole wheat. The dog food ration is "complete, "balanced", or "complete and balanced nutritionally" if all the 26 nutrients are in the proper proportions. The dog owner makes his final selection in the supermarket aft

Why Do Dogs Bark? Quieting the Constant Barking!

How to deal with the issue of a dog barking all the time. A dog barking consistently is out of balance. All dogs need to see you as a pack leader and a dog that barks all the time is in the Alpha mode or thinks he is the boss. If a dog sees you as a leader the barking will not be an issue.

Dog Psychology Basics - Know What Your Dog is Thinking

All dog owners like to think they are in control of their dogs at all times, but the reality is many are not. Dogs are pack animals, and hence instinctively try to assert their authority over other members of the pack - namely, the owner. If an owner does not show the dog who is boss, then it's

Understanding Canine Skin Disorders

When it comes to caring for Canine Skin Disorders, due diligence is necessary for effective treatment.Therefore we will be addressing what "Disorders" actually means, as it is only through an understanding of Canine Skin Disorders, can it be treated efficiently.