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The Reasons For Changing a Defined Benefit Plan to a Defined Contribution Plan

The advantages of defined-contribution retirement plans versus defined-benefit plans are numerous, and apply to employees, employers and taxpayers. A defined-benefit plan is a traditional -- or old-fashioned, depending on your age -- plan that is funded completely by employers and pays retirees a fi

Stimulus Plan Pell Grants

Since 2005 the federal government has increased the sizes of Federal Pell Grants by more than 30 percent. The boosts for one of the country's most prominent college financial aid programs have partially come from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The stimulus plan had the intention

What Are Preferred Dividends?

Preferred stock dividends have unique features that make them attractive to investors. They provide a stable and attractive income and offer more security than common stocks. Depending on an individual's investment objectives and risk tolerance profile, preferred dividends can be a sensible addition

How Is Interest Paid on Certificates of Deposit?

Certificates of deposit have many features in common with bonds. Both are types of investments that build up interest over a certain period of time so that investors can profit. Certificates of deposit (CDs), however, are offered only by banks or similar thrift institutions and are generally a more

Nonprofit Salary vs. Private Sector

A nonprofit organization, as defined by the United States Department of Labor, is neither a government agency nor a for-profit enterprise. Despite similar roles, salaries among these three types of employers often differ for a variety of reasons, from workers' motivation to the benefits that a nonpr

IRA Rollover Information

Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs) are accounts created either through employer retirement plan funding or through supplemental retirement plan contributions. An investor has the option of moving the assets from one retirement plan to another via a rollover. The IRS has specific regulations r

Information on Subsidized Housing

There is a shortage of affordable housing in the United States. To increase the supply of housing low-income families can afford, the government and other organizations often subsidize rental prices and, in some cases, home-ownership. The cost to construct or provide housing does not change; rather,

Budget Meal Planning

Planning your meals on a budget doesn't mean you'll have to eat tuna every day of the week. Just put a little effort in planning while keeping your budget in mind and you can come up with inexpensive meals. The simple act of planning ahead will eliminate "impulse buys" at the grocery store that can

What Is an Excellent Credit Score?

When it comes to getting credit, your credit score is invaluable. Lenders use your credit score to determine approvals, interest rates and loan amounts. The higher your credit score, the better your interest rates. Credit scores range from about 330 to 850, with anything over 770 considered to be an

Sharing Share Market Tips

The fascinating yet complicated world of Stocks and Shares, which are highly sensitive to market fluctuations and control and influence fortunes in staggering sums of vital global finance, not only merit the most serious attention ...

Is Irrevocable Trust Judgment Proof?

If a creditor brings a lawsuit against you and wins the case, the presiding justice may grant the business or individual creditor a money judgment. This gives them the right to take your assets to pay off your debt, even if you have placed your assets in a revocable trust. An irrevocable trust can p

What Bills Affect My Credit Score?

Even if your bill is late by only a few days, your credit score could still be of after christmas bills image by LadyInBlack from Fotolia.comA good credit score can get you a great interest rate on a mortgage or other loan. A poor credit score could leave you unable to find...

Grants and Scholarships for Virginia Students

Most state governments award scholarships to students based on need, academic excellence or other criteria like ethnicity, gender and childhood background. Endowments at a number of institutions stipulate that some of the funds be awarded to students from a particular state, even if the university i

Overseas Money Transfer - By Foreign Exchange Brokers

World has been globalized. It is not difficult for any person to reach to every corner of the world. Knowledge in terms of information is the most demanding thing in today's world which has brings ...

How to Earn High Interest

If you are looking to earn high interest rates on cash deposits, money market savings or CDs (Certificates of Deposit), you should consider the following strategy. It's a heck of a lot easier to earn high interest this way than it is running all around town to every single bank!

Guideposts Scholarship

The Guideposts magazine young writers scholarship program provided college funds to winners of the Guideposts essay contest. The inspirational magazine asked high school students to write stories with guidelines similar to those used for adult content submissions. Guideposts awarded scholarship fund

Can You File for Unemployment Benefits in New Jersey If Your Hours Are Cut?

The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development administers the state's unemployment insurance benefits, and claimants can receive 26 weeks of state-federal benefits and may be eligible for extended benefits. In addition to helping completely unemployed applicants, the department also p