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Push Scooters - A Kick for Kids of All Ages

In recent years we have seen a resurgence in the use of kick scooters. Once the play toy of kids, kick scooters are being used by college students to move around campus, inner city commuters, ...

Sea Of Cortez And The Life Within

Abundant in marine flora and fauna and home to exquisite and rare coral reefs, the Sea of Cortez on the western coast of Mexico is also the youngest ocean is the world.

Solar Lights To Enhance Boating Safety

Solar lights offer you the ability to improve your boating safety in ways that you may not have imagined.Let’s explore an easy and inexpensive way to make certain other vessels see you on the water at night.

Gold Coast Hotels: An Abode Of Peace And Calm

The Gold Coast hotels will surely make your trip to this picturesque land truly a memorable one. So if you are planning a trip to gold coast , move ahead ,make a decision and enjoy your stay.

Gambrel Shed Plans - Things To Consider In Building Your Personal Shed

In case you like to make a shed with big storage space inside, it might be a good scheme to look over somegambrel shed plans. The roof of a gambrel shed is specially designed in such a way that makes it possible for more room or space for storage which is why it is favorite by people who are short o

A Hike Up Skeleton Gorge In South Africa

A six-hour hike up Skeleton Gorge? This is one of the best Gap Africa Projects tours, which can show you something you’ve never seen before.

How to Tie Paracord to a Hiking Stick

Paracord, para cord or parachute cord--no matter what you call it, this strong, light and relatively thin material makes a good emergency supply in the wilderness. If you learn how to tie the paracord on your hiking stick just right, you can also turn it into a convenient, comfortable handle and wri

Six Benefits of Carrying a Pocket Knife

The pocket knife is an iconic tool carried by outdoorsman, craftsman and everyday men and women across the world. The reason for its popularity is clear; it's simply one of the most functional tools available ...

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro Means Finding Great Gear

Here are a couple of suggestions for those doing some serious shopping for climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. While our good friends at REI provide fine options for many of us, I've found cheaper options by going ...

Visit Some of the Best Beaches in Brazil

If you're headed to South America for a holiday this year, chances are you're planning a stop in Brazil. Known for its incredible parties, beautiful beaches and exciting culture, Brazil draws in more than five million people from around the world every year. Sao Paulo is a an incredible ci

How to Paint the Bottom of Boats

The copper sulfates in a boat's bottom paint react with the water and provide a barrier that prevents the flora and fauna found in lake, river and seawater from sticking to the hull of your boat. You don't need a new coat of bottom paint on your boat every season, but when you see slime or algae cli