Pigmentary Glaucoma Symptoms

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How to Pick a Lasik Doctor

Choosing a lasik surgeon is probably the hardest choice to be made after the initial decision to have refractive surgery. Factors such as word of mouth, reputation, certifications, and membership in associations are clearly important.

How to Increase Eyesight Natually

Some people find that over time their eyesight starts to fail, and if their professions are dependent on their having good vision, this can be a problem. While some people consider certain medical pro

White Colored Contacts

The white colored contact lenses do not add or change the person's natural eye color. People usually these transparent, or white colored contact lenses, if they need vision correction, not seeing the need for them to wear lenses that change their natural eye color.

Eye Health - Ophthalmoscopy

Ophthalmoscopy is an eye test or exam which allows the doctor or medical professionals to see the interior of the eye, which is called as fundus and other structures using an instrument known as ophthalmoscope and a light source. It is performed as part of an eye test and might be done as part of th

Eye Health News

Find timely health and medical news on Vision and Eye Health at WebMD.

How to Test a Contact Lens

People with a variety of vision prescriptions and strengths wear contact lenses. Due to contact lens specifications, a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist must first test your eyes before giving you a prescription. After you have been tested and fitted for a type of lens that is ideal for your e

Contact Lens Treatments

Contact lenses can correct your vision.damaged contact len image by Melking from Fotolia.comContact lenses are thin, curved pieces of plastic or glass that fit over the eye to correct the wearer's vision. According to the Mayo Clinic, the three types of contact lenses are single-use,...

Cheap Contact Lenses Online

Have you had the thought how safe is it to buy cheap contact lenses on line? Like everything else the trick is to stay away from the rip-offs that are out to cheat you of your hard earned money.

Be Careful About Inexpensive Eyeglasses Which Would Do Harm Your Eyes

Several days ago, Mrs. Smith brought a pair of inexpensive eyeglasses with only $20 in a small local optical store, and she felt rather excited for this was the cheapest eyeglasses she had ever bought, plus it looked beautiful. However, she felt dizzy when wearing her new glasses, therefore, yesterd

Top Tips to Choosing Men's Glasses Frames

When it comes to choosing men's glasses frames you have to be very selective in your decision. You may see a pair you really like, but once you put them on and see your reflection in the mirror, you cannot get them off quick enough.

AAO 2013: Big Topics in the Big Easy

There's something for everyone at this year's American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting in New Orleans. Dr. Roger Steinert previews the extensive content available at the Subspecialty Day sessions.