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Typical Symptoms of Depression

Everyone has good days and bad days. But some people suffer from what most people call simply depression. The medical and psychiatric communities call depression major depression, major depressive disorder or clinical depression. It is a medical illness that can cause a variety of emotional and phys

Is Neurofeedback Therapy Helpful For Reducing Panic Attacks and Anxiety?

If you struggle with increasing anxiety or severe panic attacks, you already know how debilitating these things can be to your life. Physicians and therapists have tried for years to help patients cope with problems like anxiety and panic attacks, but they have not found a way to actually cure their

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment

PTSD treatment could have merely was around inside the proper impression considering that it's official diagnosis in the us in 1980, however, the sickness has been confirmed through historical past for hundreds of years. More ...

Zaar Memory Sure

Zaar Memory Sure is the only clinically proven, well researched cognitive enhancer authorized by India's premier research institute, CDRI/CSIR. It facilitates learning, improves consolidation

Natural Healing - Full Commitment

Did you ever feel like you were just going through the motions of your life? We mostly know you can coast on this strategy once in a while when you really have to. But it's helpful to also recognize that there are times when it's a terrible mistake. Where full commitment makes all the diff

What Are the Causes of Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a hard illness to manage and to treat. Many who have it may ask on their own, "Why me? What caused all this?" There are great disagreements as to the causes of bipolar condition. They all tend to can return to the old nature/nurture controversy. Put differently, does a

Dimensions of Fear

Fear is a basic survival instinct to help protect and keep people safe. The body's first reaction to fear is "fight or flight." Symptoms include shaky hands, sweaty palms, elevated heart rate, rapid breathing and increase in blood pressure, which can last from a few seconds to a number of hours. Sym

What A Good Mentor Did For My Mental Health

Throughout my 32 years on this planet I've met only a handful of people like Pierre Lamarche, people who don't have to say much to you because the sheer presence and actions they undertake says ...

Release, Allow, and Let Go

What you resist will persist, so why fight it?Instead, release your way into the flow of life.

Role of Occupational Therapy in Patient Safety

Occupational therapy (OT) focuses on improving independence after an injury by teaching patients alternative ways to complete everyday tasks, such as eating and getting dressed. These alternative methods create independence, while also ensuring patient safety.

What Are Panic Attacks and Why Do You Have Them?

What are panic attacks and why do you have them? If you know this, you can start on your journey back to normality and stop worrying about them. That will leave you able to lead a normal existence without the worry of anxiety on your back.

Accidents Caused by Being Unable to See Street Signs

If a driver cannot see a street sign, this can result in a tragic accident. Running a stop sign because you didn't see it due to its positioning or some obstruction can be deadly. Highways and roadways are supposed to be regularly maintained, including the signage, to ensure and provide safety for t

Health Hazards of Second Hand Smoking

In a 2007 study, radiology physicist Chengbo Wang used helium-3 diffusion magnetic resonance imaging to prove that human lungs change when exposed to secondhand smoke. Tiny holes and extended spaces in the lung's structure showed abnormal microscopic changes before symptoms appeared. A 2004 British


To solve or dissolve? Are you a victim of stress? May be, the question is incorrectly framed. Every body is stressed. The question should be: are you stressed because of stress? The answer would be ...

Crystal Energy Healing and Its Many Benefits

Do feel tired? Is it hard to focus on work? Perhaps your body is out of balance. Crystal Energy Healing is about placing the mind, body and spirit into balance. You can easily learn and accomplish healing using Crystal Therapy.

The Significance of Child Development Psychology

Children will be children and that means, adorable, playful, little stubborn and other qualities that a normal child has. Initially, it depends on their parents only that how they shape their little infants. Although it ...