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Do-it-Yourself Double Glazing

Double glazing windows can be practical for homeowners and saves on heating and electric costs. Double-glazed windows have a second layer to each window pane. This creates an empty space between each window pane, which is filled with air. The air-filled space serves as insulation to keep the house e

How to Tell If Steel Is Soft-Rolled

Steel is rolled using two types of processes: "cold rolling" and "hot rolling." Rolling is classified according to the temperature of the metal rolled. If the temperature exceeds 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, the process is hot rolling. Below 1,000 degrees, the designation is cold rolling. Another term

How to Disinfect a Disposal

Garbage disposals can develop a foul smell over time due to food waste buildup on the blades and on the bottom of the disposal. Larger pieces of food can become trapped between the blades and the disposal near the blade shaft. Getting rid of the foul odor involves cleaning and disinfecting a disposa

How to Remove a Hair Dye Stain From a Leather Couch

The porous nature of leather causes it to act like a sponge when it comes to wet stains. The pigment and moisture in hair dye are absorbed by leather, resulting in a stain that's on the surface, as well as in the leather. While fast action is best when dealing with a hair dye stain, you can remove t

How to Clean Contact Cement From a Basement Floor

The basement of your home always seems like the location to do fix it projects. With project fixing you will get accidents and you will have to clean them up. A common spill includes contact cement.Contact cement is great for adhering a variety of things together. The glue is strong and it isn't eas

How to Dry Thai Dragon Peppers

Thai Dragon peppers are small thin peppers that grow in a variety of red and green hues. They are easy to cultivate and typically produce abundant crops. These Thai peppers are extremely hot and are used in many Asian dishes. The two most common ways to dry them are air-drying and oven-drying. Once

How to Make Butter in Churns

When one thinks of churning butter, the "Little House on the Prairie" image of a wooden barrel with a stick on the top comes to mind. While this method is effective, there are ways to save some arm fatigue and time and still get some delicious butter and buttermilk.

About Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning can be a very effective and safe alternative to cleaning with chemicals. It can save a significant amount of money over a long period of time, depending on how many chemicals the steam cleaner will replace. The age of green, environmentally-friendly living has dawned, and with it come

Homemade Orange Cleaner

Orange cleaner that is used throughout the house for cleaning glass and spills without the strong ammonia smell can be made from a few household ingredients without spending larger amounts of money to purchase it in the store.

Pet Stain Cleaning

If you have pets, you have undoubtedly dealt with a pet stain at least once. Pets are terrific companions, but they can occasionally suffer a breach of social etiquette. This is common in the housebreaking or litter box training phase when they are young. It may even happen for medical reasons or wh

How Do I Wash the Inside of Windows That I Can't Open?

Washing the inside of windows is simple whether they open up or not. The hardest part is keeping the floor and woodwork dry, which isn't that difficult, either. With good equipment and a little bit of effort, you can make your windows shine streak-free. You might even enjoy yourself as you wipe the

How to Clean Manufactured Hardwood Floors

Manufactured hardwood floors provide the same beautiful look as natural hardwood but at a lower cost. They're offered in a variety of colors and are much easier to maintain than natural hardwood floors. Because of the fact that manufactured wood flooring is constructed from some type of particle or

How to Get the Smell Out of Old Cabinets

Over time, closed storage areas, such as old cabinets, can develop a musty odor. While opening the cabinet doors and allowing them to air out can help, the smells may not entirely dissipate. In addition, having the doors ajar can be inconvenient. Fortunately, combating stale odors is something you c

Are Enzyme Cleaners Good for the Environment?

Cleaners that are enzyme-based are frequently touted by manufacturers as being eco-friendly, totally green or 100 percent environmentally safe. Commercials sometimes show little animated enzymes chomping up stains and refers to them as "eating" grease. As with any emerging bio-technology there are m

How to Maintain the Proto SLG

The Proto SLG paintball gun is easy to maintain. Maintaining the gun consists of basic cleaning on the exterior and lubrication of the bolt. Maintenance is mandatory after several rounds of play as the gun accumulates dirt, debris, paint and chips from the paint balls. Regular maintenance ensures th

How to Clean a Little Green Machine Cleaner

The Bissell Little Green Machine is a hand-held, deep carpet cleaner. The unit can clean tough spots and stains using a solution of water and carpet cleaner. Unlike larger carpet cleaners and steamers, the unit has the ability to reach into small areas and corners. After being used, the Little Green

How to Get Finger Nail Glue Off a Finished Table

The primary purpose of nail glue is to bond artificial nails as well as reinforce natural fingernails. It is a strong adhesive that can last for weeks if given the chance. You can also mishandle nail glue fairly easily when you are applying it, and it can often spill onto household surfaces such as

What Is Muriatic Acid Used for?

Muriatic acid is a strong inorganic acid that is used in many industrial processes. Muriatic acid is also known by its chemical name---hydrochloric acid. The acid is found in many commercial and household products. It is even found in your stomach.

How to Remove Corroded Bolts from Toilets

When you begin repairing your toilet, you may find that some of the bolts have rust or corrosion. The most common bolts are the hold down bolts that secure the toilet to the floor, the tank bolts that secure the tank to the toilet bowl and the seat retaining bolts. You must use care when removing co

How to Fix a Non-Spraying Aerosol Can

As you reach for a can of aerosol paint to perform a minor touch-up on your car, you find that the nozzle refuses to spray. Left to dry on a shelf in your garage, paint or other contents of an aerosol can will harden and clog a nozzle completely. Though most people might simply discard a clogged aer