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Camper Roof Repair

Camper roofs occasionally need to be repaired due to being exposed to the sun's ultraviolet rays or lack of regular roof maintenance. Water leaks in through seams and accessory openings in the roof, damaging the wood interior of the camper. Once the wood inside your camper starts to rot, the wood ro

How to Make a Screen Window Panel

Window screen panels allow you to open up your windows while keeping unwanted flying or crawling visitors outside, where they belong. The simplest way to make a screen window panel is by using a screen kit. They can be found at most hardware or DIY stores. They come with everything needed to make a

How to Stain and Paint a Brick Veneer Floor

Brick veneer is usually made of a layer of actual brick, halved in thickness and permanently affixed to a substrate which is affixed to the floor. Treating a brick veneer requires the same techniques used on a true brick floor -- a lint-free brush and a latex-based paint, thinned with water for a "w

How to Install Prehung Entry Doors

A prehung door is any door that's already attached by its hinges to its casing -- the border of wood surrounding the door -- when you buy it. It means you don't have to try to get the door hinges lined up with the door jamb, or worry about whether the door will open and close properly. All you do is

How to Replace Window Glazing

The glass in older, single-pane windows is surrounded by a glazing compound, also known as putty. Cracked or missing window glazing can allow serious air seepage and run up your winter heating bills quickly. Replacing the window glazing can help you save money and improve the look of your windows.

Tips on Ceramic Tiling

Ceramic tiling can be labor intensive, but these few tips can help you along with the job. Always make sure you've taken accurate measurements of the room and order 10 percent more than you think you'll need. Ceramic tile is bought by the case, so you'll need to transport several heavy cases of the

How to Sharpen a Woodworking Chisel

Sharpening wood chisels is important if the tool is to function properly. Once you learn some simple techniques for sharpening wood chisels, your tool will always be ready for you to work with.

How to Nail Wood Bottom Plates to Concrete Floors

Buildings with concrete slab foundations require that lumber be attached to concrete. Building codes require that exterior wall bottom, or sole, plates be attached with either anchor bolts or straps embedded in and sticking up from the concrete. Interior walls, however, must be attached by driving m

What Are Safe Room Grants?

Since Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on several southern states, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and those administering it have cleaned up their acts considerably. Weather disasters have become more frequent and powerful, and FEMA's budget and personnel could be depleted during the

How to Build a Wooden Packing Crate

Building a wooden crate is an excellent way to store or ship items that are prone to breakage when handled. Within the packing crate, you can arrange the items with internal wooden supports or even construct separate sealed spaces. By following a basic procedure, you can vary the size of the wooden

How to Install Safety Bars in Ceramic Tile Walls

Safety bars can save many individuals from injury and trips to the hospital. In many cases, installing a safety bar into the wall is easy. However, installing safety bars becomes much more difficult when you are installing the bar into a tile wall. If you are installing a safety bar into a ceramic t

How to Build a Stud Frame on a Concrete Floor

Stud frames are necessary when creating walls. In order to create stable walls however, they need to be well anchored into connecting walls and into the floor itself. For a concrete floor, this means connecting the frame with specially designed masonry nails, hard enough to penetrate the concrete an

Door Replacement Instructions

If one or more doors in your house have been worn out, warped or damaged, or if you are changing the appearance of your house, you will want to replace your doors. Replacing a door takes patience and concentration. You will need to take accurate measurements, and you will need to lift heavy objects.

How Can I Build a Room That My Cats Will Love in My New Home?

Cats are natural climbers and hunters. They love a romp up a tree to chase a squirrel or a bird. As house cats are descendants of panthers, bobcats and other big cats, they share the same desire to chase down their food. A cat room in a home takes the cat's nature into account and accommodates for t

Connecting Pre-Made Fence Panels

Methods for creating strong joints between prefab fence panels vary depending on the types of fence posts being used. Wooden posts are the most common. Panels are fastened directly to the faces of the posts without special hardware. Metal posts require the use of specialized U-shaped brackets to hol

How to Screen Hardwood Floors

Sanding hardwood floors takes the finish all the way down to bare wood, which must then be stained and glossed from scratch. Screening is a much less difficult (and less messy) project that involves taking off only the gloss layers, while leaving the stain and the wood itself intact. It's achieved

How to Fill Knotholes in Pine

Pine is a naturally knotty wood. It can be used for a multitude of projects, but if you're looking for a smooth surface you'll have to fill in the holes first. Most wood fillers are meant to do just that and don't provide a porous surface for staining purposes. Trying to stain over wood filler is li

How to Make French Country Living Room Curtains

On the formal side, French Country curtain panels for a living room can be constructed from heavy velvet or beautiful damask. For curtains with a French Country cottage feel, plain wrinkled linen, ticking or simple lace panels suffice. Whichever fabric you decide, below are simple instructions on ho

Tuscan Plastering Techniques

A variety of faux finishes replicate old world Tuscan plaster techniques. These finishes are supposed to look similar to aged Italian walls. Add plaster to walls, ceilings and other surfaces using a variety of methods. Although a variety of plasters may be used to create this look, lightweight joint

Homemade Wood Restorer

Furniture restoratives run the gamut today from being environmentally friendly and costing a fortune to being so toxic that you need to apply them only in a well-ventilated area. When the components are broken down, though, regardless of the product, it's usually a mix of recognizable ingredients th