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Bead Project - Making Beaded Cards

Making your own beaded cards is a rewarding and fun bead project. Have you been to the bookstore and searched for the card that's just right for a special occasion, but it's just not there? There's an easy solution of course, and that is to make your own.

Instructions for Making Belly Dancing Costumes

There are many different costumes to be made when searching instructions for making belly dancing costumes and it is imperative to know which genre of belly dancing you require instructions for making belly dancing costumes.With that said, if you know what kind you are needing then youre all set to

Little Known Secrets About Soy Candle Making Supplies

A revealing look at the things a candle maker will need to make a remarkable soy candle. Included is a brief description of soy candles and account of the equipment and supplies needed to make a soy candle.

Sailboat Snack Recipe

Make a yummy snack that looks like a sailboat. Made with celery, peanut butter, and a fruit roll up!

Passionate for Stencils? Stencil Tips

Get a quality template When using stencils the template quality is of utmost importance. It should also include a detailed guide and even some images to show you how to apply the stencil.

How to Make a Quilted Christmas Pot Holder

A self-made potholder is a highly recommended gift item as it offers the unique advantage of being useful as well as decorative. Its appeal also lies in it being universal. It can be gifted to anyone who has a kitchen and even if the recipient already has a few of these, another one can always be ad

Mosquito Costume

Check out this cool costume made by Michele Nokleby.

Candles - Why People are Making Their Own

Candles are very cheap: you can get hundreds of small candles in a bag for the price of a Happy Meal, and the bigger ones arent much more expensive. When its so easy to just buy your candles in a shop, why on earth would you want to make candles yourself?

What About The Noise Emission Of Remote Control Helicopters?

If you are a fan or hobbyist of remote control helicopters, you should not worry too much about the noise these machines make. That is because many later versions of these toys have been fitted with high quality engines that emit lower amounts of noise.

Jungle Cats

Fenton Art Glass Gallery Images and Descriptions -- Jungle Cats

What is an Actual Autograph and Why Charge For It

Throughout history several famous and non-famous individuals have sign their "John Hancock" to several types of documents and books in a variety of ways. However, I actually wonder how an individual would sign their name if they have no idea of how to read or write or had no use of the alp

Introduction & Materials

Use a little rubber stamp, a little lower-fire metal clay, and a little creativity to make this simple metal clay charm.

How to Display Antique Dolls

Though dolls are commonly thought of as toys for children, for centuries they have been enjoyed by people of all ages. Antique dolls once loved by little girls are now treasured by doll collectors. As much as a collector wishes to protect their investment, one cannot keep a collection stored away an