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Effects of the Dew Point on Humidity

Humidity percentages and the dew point react in direct relation to each other and is used as a means of measuring moisture density in the air. Humidity can affect how warm or cool it feels, while the dew point registers when the air is saturated with water vapor.

How to Determine the Gauge of Screws

Manufacturers label wood screws with two numbers to indicate their size: the gauge or "number" and the length in inches. You may also see a third number, the threads per inch. If so, it's hyphenated after the gauge. For example, a 7 x 2" screw has a gauge of 7 and is 2 inches long. A 7-15 x 2" desig

Production of Urea

SynthesisUsed as a fertilizer, urea can be artificially produced from ammonia. Manufacturers of urea combine ammonia (NH3) with compressed carbon dioxide (CO2). These ingredients feed into a reactor. Pressure and high temperatures applied to the CO2 and NH3 results in a combination of...

How to Be a Florida Concealed Weapon Permit Trainer

Florida does not issue a license for concealed weapon permit trainers, but Florida law requires completion of a training course before a concealed carry permit can be issued. Florida Statutes Chapter 790.06(h) describes which types of courses satisfy this requirement, and anyone who is authorized to

What Type of Fossils Are Found in Virginia?

Fossilized shark teeth are found along the tidewater region of Virginia.Fossil Shark Tooth image by Jim Mills from Fotolia.comThe state of Virginia is home to rich variety of fossils, some of which date back to the Early Cambrian, a time before animals left the oceans. Virginia's fossils...

Plants & Animals That Live in the Tundra

Generally categorized as Arctic or alpine, tundra refers to a treeless biome that ranks among the coldest on Earth. Though covered in snow most of the year, tundras experience a short summer growing season during which animal and plant activity peaks. Virtually no reptiles or amphibians can live in

Historical Homes in Marion, Louisiana

Marion is a small town in Lousiana, known as a “Friendly Retirement Community” and with population of just over 800. The first people to settle in the area arrived from Alabama in the 1830s, and over the next few decades more families arrived. In the 1850s the first post office was built

How to Make a Clock With a Foam Plate

Armed with a clock kit available at most craft stores, you can turn just about any inanimate object into a clock, and a dinner plate is an ideal option. It's the perfect size and shape for a clock, and it adds a whimsical touch in a kitchen. However, drilling through ceramic can be difficult, and yo

The Properties & Uses of Fossil Fuel

Tanker of oilfuel tanker image by Paula Gent from Fotolia.comFossil fuels are hydrocarbon compounds formed from the decay of organic matter over millions of years. According to the California Energy Commission, the fossil fuels in use now have their origin in the Carboniferous Period of...

Specifications of Energizer Batteries

Energizer alkaline batteries make electricity by a reaction between manganese dioxide and zinc.altrendo images/Stockbyte/Getty ImagesEnergizer batteries are alkaline dry cells that derive their electrical energy from an electrochemical reaction between an alkaline manganese dioxide...

Storage Battery Power Level Checking Devices

To know how much charge a battery holds, you need a charge testing device.battery image by Aditia Patria Warman from Fotolia.comA storage battery is an electrochemical device that is capable of holding an electric charge, releasing the said charge, and then being recharged again. In...

How to Avoid Deer Flies

Deer flies' natural habitat is moist areas, and swamps and lakes make fertile breeding grounds. The human danger for deer flies is that the female of the species bite and can transmit animal diseases. Most people are allergic to deer fly bites, and avoiding deer flies is the best option to prevent t

Silversmithing Resources

Someone made to make that silver spoon.silver sugar bowl with silver spoon image by Alex White from Fotolia.comThe skills needed by a silversmith are varied. As a silversmith, you'll need to understand product design and read blueprints to follow designs supplied by others. You'll also...

How to Fine-Tune an Esky Helicopter

Offering the most complex form of aerial maneuverability, radio-controlled (RC) helicopters often are considered to be the most difficult aircraft to fly. To reduce the difficulties faced by RC enthusiasts, Esky designed its helicopters with simplistic systems. Fine-tuning your Esky helicopter ensur

Prevention of Corrosion in Electrical Contacts

If electrical connections are exposed to certain elements, they run the risk of corroding. This is known as Galvanic corrosion, where two different metals in contact with each other have a current running through them and an electrolyte is present.

EPA Region 4 Air Modeling Regulations

Wind direction and speed are inputs into EPA air quality dispersion the air image by katja kodba from Fotolia.comEPA Region 4 regulates air quality using federally approved models to: develop acceptable limits in permits; determine appropriate control technologies; predict...

DIY: Wood Moving Dolly

Whether looking to move small furniture or carrying firewood from a wood pile into your home for burning, using a rolling wood dolly to help support the weight of the items being carried makes your task easier to complete. A simple design for a dolly can be completed using only 2-by-4 planks and som

Forging Process in Metal Technology

Metal forging is a key component in modern construction. Modern metal technology relies on four distinct forging processes: impression die forging, cold forging, open die forging and seamless, rolled-ring forging. The method used is determined by the desired product and the materials being worked wi

American Optical Microscope Information

The first microscope was invented more than 400 years ago, according to the official website of the Nobel Prize. Charles Spencer invented the first American microscope and founded the Spencer Lens Company, which would eventually become American Optical.