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Babies Can Make Moral Judgment - Study

As what we were told in the past that babies are little angels who are innocent about their surroundings, a new study proved that they can socially discern bad from good at an early age. Researchers from Yale University studied babies' behavior toward strangers saying infants have the ability t

What in a Background Check Can Keep You From Becoming a Foster Parent?

Anyone who wants to become a foster parent must submit to strict background checks. Certain items turned up by a background check will disqualify you from being considered. Some of foster care standards are set at the federal level, and each state has its own list of disqualifying factors.

Indoor Playgrounds in Virginia

Parents in Virginia don't have to worry when their little ones are full of pent-up energy on foul weather days. Kids can get active indoors when it's rainy or cold by visiting one of the state's indoor playgrounds.JW TumblesLocated in Herdon, Virginia, JW Tumbles is a large, indoor...

High Functioning Autism And What It Really Means

In this article, I am going to talk about what it means to be given a diagnosis of high functioning autism. The reason I am going to do this is because there is a lot of confusion about autism and the

Tips On How You Could Better Understand And Control Your Child

Does you child make you raise your ire when both of you are no being able to understand each other? Don't worry and go easy on this one, because effetive communication is the key. Getting familiarized with your child's accent, choice of words, and diction is the way to understand your chil

Celebrity Adoption Announcements

The media regularly features celebrity adoption announcements that often give us to ooh and aah over the latest additions to these families. Child adoptions among the stars is a growing trend and seems to be next big thing following the rush of mini-dog additions as wardrobe accessories - what has t

Parenting - Getting Involved in School Life

Don't be among the countless parents who acknowledge the importance of school involvement but nevertheless keep their distance.Talk is cheap; it's your actions that matter.

Parenting & Homosexuality - What to Do When Your Child Comes Out to You

"Mom, dad, I need to talk to you."Many parents have heard these words from their son or daughter.It may be something you've long suspected, or it may come like a bolt out of the blue. Scientific evidence supports the belief that homosexuality is a naturally occurring status, much like

Reusable Nappies For Eco-Sound Parenting

When people imagine reusable nappies, they picture large Terry squares, safety pins and fingers red raw from scrubbing.This is a grossly outdated image.The world of reusable nappies is one that should be considered by every parent in this day and age.There are lots of fantastic materials and designs

How High Do We Set the Bar For Teen Success in School?

Research findings and evidence generated from prevention and intervention efforts supports the need for parents to focus on "Five Facts about Strong Families" and how they relate specifically to the academic potential of teenagers.

Is High School a Competition?

You know the type - the mom or dad who can't speak to you without telling you what their child did lately in high school. Whether it's the latest and greatest high score from a test, or the trophy they've won in a sporting event, many moms and dads turn high school into a giant compet


Hey kids, do you have any brothers and sisters?  Imagine living in a house crammed wall-to-wall with thousands of your sisters, and you have a bit of an idea of what it's like to be a honey bee. A wor

Affects of Family Relationships on Children

Family relationships are important and children should grow up in a loving and supportive family unit.However, difficulties in relationships are often common, such as constant arguing, and physical abuse which can result in parents finding it difficult to live together so they eventually separate or

My Responsibilities To My Children

There's no universal book or manual out there on how to raise kids, how to handle specific situations, or how to deal with MY children. Believe me, I've looked.

How to Prepare for Birth & Bringing the Baby Home

The birth of a new baby is an exciting time, but it can also be tiring, overwhelming and stressful. As parent educator Joan Sheingold Ditzion said, "This [new] period of parenting is an intense one. Never will we know such responsibility, such productive and hard work, such potential for isolation i

Keeping Peace

It's a common fact of life that people aren't always going to like each other. Personalities clash and collide. Incidents happen, and people are left with grudges and hurt feelings. So many times, the people involved in the conflicts can have mutual friends and family members in common. Be

How to Develop Nonverbal Language Skills in Babies

Studies by medical and educational professionals consistently find the successful development of non-verbal communication in infants directly relates to the development of verbal communications in toddlers. Understanding and cultivating a child's attempts at communication as they develop is essentia