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Lower Back Exercises Might Be Part Of Your Back Pain Solution

Lower back pain exercises are what many people undertake when searching for something to alleviate the excruciating experience of severe back pain. If you are someone enduring this problem, you might find some small comfort in knowing that you are not in the minority. Believe it or not millions of p

Yoga and Chronic Pain

An interview with Kelly McGonigal, author of Yoga for Pain Relief.

Why Should You Opt For a Chiropractor?

It is but common for people to go to the doctor if they have an ailment or if they are unwell. Chiropractors have still not achieved the title of real doctors, since people feel that they do not possess a full fledged medical degree like MDs do.

Is Chiropractic Alternative Or Mainstream?

Chiropractic is not a form of medicine therefore it can not be referred to correctly as an "alternative medicine". However many authors and researchers inside the medical field continue, as in this story to use that term. According to the research, herbal medicines, chiropractic service an

Low Back Pain

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of low back pain including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.

Chiropractic Care of Low Back Spinal Disc Pain

When told they have a lower back spinal disc herniation, bulge, or protrusion many people automatically think they need surgery. Nothing could be further from the truth. Research studies are showing chiropractic care to be much more effective than surgery in the treatment of disc conditions.

Eliminate Shoulder Pain Naturally

Shoulder pain is a common problem that a large number of people are suffering.In America alone, millions of people are seeking help yearly to ease their shoulder pain. The shoulder is one the most used joints of the body, thus making it prone to injuries. Shoulder pain could affect your daily activi

What Causes Sciatica - Most Common Reasons Behind The Problem

Sciatica, which is also commonly referred to as severe back pain, is a condition that is caused by an irritated sciatic nerve. When the nerve is irritated, the person feels pain that can be little or much depending on the severity of the condition.

Hiatal Hernia Treatment - Don't Be Shy of Travelling

People undergoing hiatal hernia treatment seldom try to travel abroad. This is because they think travelling can hinder the treatments for hiatal hernia, which is a wrong notion. In fact, travelling can help you recover from this condition much faster than staying at home.

Manual Therapies With Chiropractors Help Considerably With Back Pain

Lower back pain is the most common reason folks need chiropractic help. Finding which one benefits more is a little on the tricky side. You have the Chinese way of doings things, which follows through with acupuncture, to the traditional spinal manipulation of the North American doctors.

Can Leg Pain Be Coming From My Hip?

If you're experiencing leg pain, you might be wondering if it's possible that the pain is actually originating from your hip. The answer to this question is yes. Many times people with leg pain actually have an issue in their hip. It's very common for a person with a hip problem to ha

Six Easy Solutions For Back Pain Relief

You have an aching back and following your doctor's advice you are taking an anti-inflammatory and applying ice packs to the sore area. But are there other do it yourself solutions that you could try to eliminates that ache in your back? Below are six easy solutions for your sore back.

My Aching Back

You bend over to pick up a piece of paper when it hits - that pain in your lower back. You try an over-the-counter pain medication, but it doesn't help. Now what do you do?

How to Stop Migraine Headache Pain

Migraine headaches are unlike typical headaches, and they usually involve a strong pulsating pain that becomes progressively worse. Other signs of a migraine include nausea, sensitivity to light and temporary blind spots. There are many ways to relieve a migraine headache and ward off future attacks

Orthopedic Doctors Specialties

You may want to see one of the orthopedic doctors in your city if you have concerns about your bones, joints, or muscles. Read on for more information.

Is Shoulder Discomfort A Pain In The Neck?

One of the most common complaints I hear involves pain in the shoulder, particularly amongst my most physically active patients. Not only do they have shoulder pain but usually a stiff and sore neck from trying to keep the shoulder from moving (and hurting!) too much.