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How to Add a Zipper to Boots

Boots are a hot ticket item to have in your shoe collection because of their versatility, durability and practicality. There are many different styles and versions of boots; sometimes you may need to add a zipper to the boot to make it a bit larger, or to add that extra accent to your unique fashion

Accessorizing With All Black Work Clothes

Being required to wear all black for your job doesn't mean you can't show some style in other ways. Black outfits create a solid background for accessories, both fun and classy. Use your work clothes as a way to showcase accessories you really love, since they'll draw all of the attention. When you

Electromagnetic Hair Therapy

Hair loss can be devastating for both men and women, especially when it seems like conventional methods of restoring hair growth are not working. Sometimes it is necessary to take extra steps to restore the fullness of your hair and electromagnetic hair therapy, or laser hair therapy, is one of many

How to Adjust Rolex GMT Divers Link

The Rolex GMT-Master is a luxury watch that is especially popular with frequent fliers and divers. Originally designed for Pan Am pilots and first released in 1954, the Rolex GMT-Master's self-winding movement, chronograph and water resistance to 330 feet have made it one of Rolex's most popular and

How to Wrap an Afghan Turban

According to the culture of Afghanistan, men's turbans come in a variety of colors and styles. Though many modern Afghan men wear Westernized clothing, traditional turbans remain popular. Some men wear them all the time, while others wear them only at formal events. Whether you're visiting Afghanist

How to Sharpen Hair Cutters

Hair trimmers are designed to sharpen themselves because the metal blades rub against each other as they cut hair. If your blades are starting to get dull, take them apart and clean them thoroughly. Brush off any hair, and make sure the blades aren't rusty. If the blades still aren't as sharp as you

Eva Longoria Parker

Emmys fashion of Eva Longoria Parker on the red carpet at the 2008 awards ceremony.

Gothic Fashion Designing

There is much more to gothic fashion design than the color black. Alternate colors, combinations with other fashion styles and changes in fashion design from season to season make gothic fashion far more flexible than it is often given credit for. At the same time, basic accessories keep the gothic

How to Make Hair Nappy

Nappy hair can be a trendy style that makes every girl envious. However, it's essential to take the proper steps in order to make it look glamorous. Creating nappy hair that looks teased to perfection isn't really all that difficult. In fact, it can be easily achieved by following a few simple tips.

Men's Facial Cleansers - What to Look Out For

For all men out there, it never disappoints to know more about your skin type and conditions first before buying your investing in a men's facial cleanser. Check your skin type first. The best facial cleaner is one that suits your specific skin type. Most manufacturers now realize that specific

Mature Skin Facial Cleanser Recipes

As your skin ages, it loses elasticity and often becomes drier and more sensitive than it was in your younger years. A trip to any cosmetics counter or beauty supply store will give you an idea of the vast number of products marketed at those looking to care for mature skin. These products often com

Norelco Replacement Blades - Why You Should Change Them

It is also faster than most electric shavers, because it does not touch the skin so you can go a lot faster without the risk of getting razor burns or cutting yourself. The speed is probably the first

How to Make Split Ends Go Away

Split ends are exactly what they sound like -- the pesky and unattractive tips of hair that branch out into two separate strands. When you have split ends on your hair, it can make your tresses look tired, dull, dry, exhausted, lifeless and damaged. To ensure the optimal health and beauty of your lo

How to Thin Hair With Scissors

Hair styles can be frustrating, especially when our hair doesn't necessarily match the style that we want it to. In the event that you want to create a "shaggier" look for your hair, you can thin your hair and make it slightly less even. While this is often done with a razor or thinning shears, it

How to Buy MIA Shoes

MIA Shoes is a designer brand that sells clogs, pumps, boots, flats and sandals. These products range in price from $10 to $350. Getting your hands on a pair of these shoes may be a great addition to your closet.