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How to Rake in the Soil

When farmers and landscape professionals plant seeds or level the ground in an area, they use dedicated machinery and tools. Homeowners and small-scale operations usually don't have access to that type of machinery, but they do have access to a tool that works just as well, albeit one that requires

Benefits of Stump Grinding Mandeville

Stump grinding, Mandeville arborists and tree removal experts explain, is something that every homeowner should do after removing a tree. There are a lot of benefits to stump grinding and these are not all just ...

Fall Herb Gardening

Did you know that fall is a wonderful time to start herb gardening? It's true! Many people think that spring and summer are the only times when you can plant your favorite herbs, but the truth is that fall herb gardening yields some of the most popular and versatile herbs you can grow. Fall her

Tips For Planting Roses

The perfect time for planting roses is when spring is on its way and the ground is soft. Roses are a favorite flower to plant because they smell fantastic and look beautiful. Roses need particular care and treatment. The following are some tips to grow roses successfully.

Indoor Plant Identification Process

The indoor plant identification process normally involves a brief insight about those plants, which are normally grown indoors.

Minimizing the Time You Spend on Lawn Care

When summertime arrives, it also brings along extra work like cutting grass and other lawn care related jobs. If you want to reduce the time spent working on your lawn, here are some tips to help you

Herb Gardening With Your Children

Herb gardening with your children is a fun and easy project.Have your kids plant an herb garden and watch as they are filled with wonderment over this project they have accomplished.

Starting a Wildflower Garden

Perhaps you have decided you want a wildflower garden.You have decided that if these wildflowers can grow in the wild without any one taking care of them, just maybe they will be the perfect plants for your to grow.After all you don't have a lot of time to take care of a garden but would really

How to Grow Carob

Carob trees are evergreens that are native to the Mediterranean region. They produce a pod that can be ground into a powder that tastes like chocolate. The sugar content of the pods is as high as 50 percent. Both male and female trees are needed to produce seedpods, and it can take as long as seven

Planting Organic Cabbage Seeds For Spring and Fall Harvest

Planting heirloom and organic cabbage seeds provides gardeners with the opportunity to grow cabbages that vary in size from tiny Pak Choi to wheelbarrow size heads of Late Flat Dutch. The produce can be stored or used in salads, stir fry or sauerkraut.

Beautiful and Elegant Cattleya Orchid

There are various Orchids available in the nature, however, the most complex and costly Orchid is the Cattleya. Fortunately, there are few places on the earth where these herbs could be cultivated otherwise they need ...

How to Grow Living Alfalfa Sprouts in a Jar

A member of the pea family, alfalfa grows well in most climates and matures in approximately five to eight days. The white, threadlike sprouts of the alfalfa plant develop small green tops at harvest time, when the plants can be dried and placed in your favorite salad. Equipped with a pl

Showing Off Your Garden With Cedar Window Boxes

A place of comfort and relaxation where the air is fresh and the flowers are in bloom. The garden is one of the best places to relieve our daily stress. Here, we see different colors and shapes of flowers and leaves. And it is always rewarding to see a healthy environment after all of the efforts yo

Grow Backyard Garden For Beginners

Planting a backyard garden can be a very rewarding endeavor, not to mention that it's good for your body because of all the exercise you will get, and the vegetables that you'll get to eat. ...

How to Make a Herb Garden

Nothing adds to a meal like the taste of fresh herbs. It is actually relatively easy to make your own successful herb garden at home for a fraction of the cost required to purchase fresh herbs at the store.