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Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah Parties That Embody the Spirit of Mitzvah

Those of the Jewish faith celebrate either their bar or bat mitzvah as a coming of age ritual. This happens on the thirteenth birthday for sons and the twelfth for girls, and represents the journey of becoming a man or a woman. This is an important time for any child of Jewish faith and is a time of

Graduation Party Planning - Make It Sweet!

It's time for your graduation party, and you want it to be a huge success to top off your high school career. Everyone knows to expect food at the party, but the real attraction is dessert. Follow these steps to create a perfect "Sweet Success" graduation party.

The Increase in Interracial Relationships

In the past, we could be sure that if you had a partner in a different race, that would be considered wrong and you would get criticized a lot. However, because more and more people become educated each day, it is now beginning to be accepted by society.

Party Planning Guide: Theme Based Party Planning Ideas

One of the most creative aspects of party planning is the the determination of the theme and creation of a suitable environment for that specific theme. The best part about the theme decoration is that it is not very expensive. In general it is possible to create a great environment by using very ch

The Most Useful Tips on Organizing Your Own Party

We all know that birthday parties are the most amazing things that you can ever celebrate or go to in your life. You are sure that when you ever attend a birthday party, you and your friends are bound for a whole lot of fun because of the things the organizer setup like the food, the party games and

How To Light Up Your Office Party With The Perfect Necklace

Office parties can be a nightmare for women. Its difficult to know how to behave at an office party, On one hand the whole idea of an office party is to get together with other employees and really relax, but on the other hand if you behave badly your job could be in danger. Dressing for an office p

Support For New Stay at Home Moms

Leaving the workforce to take care of your children can be difficult at first until you adjust to your new role.One of the best ways to ease this transition is to find support from other experienced moms.Whether you are thinking about becoming a stay at home mom or have already taken that step, here

Backyardigans Birthday Supplies - The 7 Must-Haves

If you have a little Backyardigans fan in your house, throwing a birthday party centered around the popular animated series is a great way to celebrate. Here are the seven must-have Backyardigans birthday supplies that will inspire the children at your kid's party to stretch their imaginations

Family Man Fool - Are Your Pants on the Ground?

Just like any self-respecting family-man,father and husband, the last thing I want is to have a horrible marriage and to send selfish, disrespectful and rude children out into society. That's why a recent episode of American Idol was so fascinating to me.

Corpse Costumes

It has been said to fear the living than the dead. However, the frightening mystery of death haunted the minds of so many people. And so, there has been the spread of so many fearful creatures resurrecting from the dead. There are the vampires, zombies, ghosts, and lot more scary characters. These c

Best Event Space For Your Engagement Party in NYC

New York City is one of the most happening, sophisticated, vibrant, exciting, and glamorous cities in the world. The city draws millions of people from all the corners of the world every year.

Ordering Vs Making Sweet 16 Invitations

It's hard for me to believe, but my daughter's sixteenth birthday is coming up in a few months. I can still clearly remember the day she was born, and I swear it doesn't seem like that long ago! We've been discussing what to do to mark the occasion.

How to Plan the Perfect 50th Birthday Party

The 50th birthday of your loved one may not be a very exciting proposition to your friend, but it is definitely one for you and the people who love being with your friend. So why not arrange for the 50th birthday celebration to see the brighter side of aging?

4 Exciting Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is the best time to wear your craziest costumes. If you still don't have any idea about what to wear, read this article and you'll see inexpensive but effective costume ideas.

Perfectionist Mommy

In work, I am obsessed with perfection. I do not want to make mistakes - and I make sure that all tasks are done properly and timely.

Scaffolding - A People-Oriented Project

Originally, scaffold is a known word in building technology, which stands as a support or a supporting framework. In the traditional society, we have relied on such indices as financial stability, a g

Top Tips Every Muslim Mom Should Know About Managing Money

One of the three major responsibilities for Muslim wives in Islam is managing the family's wealth. In addition to caring for the children's education and overseeing the household, Muslim wives often negate their priority to manage their wealth - money, properties, belongings and investment