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Women Not Lagging Behind in Extra-Marital Affair

Adultery is not just the monopoly of men any longer; women are not lagging far behind. Many women who love or hate their husbands have been found to cheat their husbands. It is often found ...

Get the Love You Want

Are you missing the secret to make him fall in love? Do you long to hear him say those three words? Is it time for real love in your life? Read on to get any man to fall in love with you.

Get a Guy to Love You - Want to Know How?

Are happy couples all around you and you wonder how those women got those men to love them? Have you had you eyes locked on that special guy for a while now and you'd like to have him fall in love with you?

4 Top Marriage Killers

If you've been silently wondering: Can my marriage be saved? There is hope. Following are 4 of the top marriage killers along with some practical ways to overcome them and help save your marriage.

How to Save My Marriage - Some Actions Every Couple Should Take

In my day job, I often have to deal with situations where people are running about like headless chickens, and I've gotta be the calm one. I wondered why I wasn't applying these same principles of serenity and calm effective action in my personal life. And then I realised. I had too much t

Bengali wedding rituals

Bengalis inherit a rich and grand cultural heritage. Whether simple or an elaborate wedding, their rituals are strictly followed and looked after. Each Bengali wedding is characterized by colorful and

Beautiful Bridal Tiaras for a Bride

A Bridal Tiara is an addition to increase a bridal elegance. For centuries tiaras are worn by brides in their wedding ceremonies. Bridal Tiara is an ornament which elevates the dignity and attraction

How To Choose The Right Romantic Valentines Gift For Him

It can be quite a complicated task choosing a special or romantic Valentines Day gift for him, especially if you want to give a gift that will touch his heart on this special occasion. If you want to select the right valentines gift for him it actually can be quite easy as long as you do a little pl

Facing Marital Troubles Head On

Marital troubles are common in every marriage but there comes a point in time when these problems become intense and the individuals become so saturated that they want to give up or become desperate for ...

Tips on How to Save Your Marriage From Divorce

As you search for tips on how to save your marriage, you will find all kinds of answers.Unfortunately, what works for one couple may not work for you.That said, you may find it useful to combine a number of different techniques in order to address all of the concerns that are driving you closer to d

Maid of Honor and Best Man Responsibilities

When preparing for your wedding, you may feel as if you have millions of details to manage. From caterers, to dresses and music, to the church, to wedding favors, a number of decisions must be ...

Bachelor Party

Your best friend's marriage is scheduled and you as his best mate planned to throw a bachelor party. This is just once of those occasions when you stag want to make it a memorable event. You