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Electric Upright Bass - Building Tips and Instructions

This is useful information for anyone attempting the construction of an electric upright bass. In spite of the inherent complexities of the electric double bass, it is in fact quite simple to build.

The Four Elements of Hip-Hop

This article outlines how BET's first annual hip-hop award show reflected the original elements of hip-hop as well as recognized exceptional work and contribution to the hip-hop genre.

'Seeds We Sow

Review of Lindsey Buckingham's 2011 album 'Seeds We Sow'

Fifty Years of the Ortofon SPU

The Ortofon company was established in Denmark nearly 100 years ago. Acknowledged among audiophiles, DJs and studio engineers for its range of record player cartridges, almost certainly its most famed

How To Become A Rapper

To become a Rapper would be a dream career bringing you fame, money and power. Many people think that this dream is unachievable or that it is only for the lucky few. This is not so.

How to Make Your Own Guitar Kit

Building a guitar kit is simply a matter of gathering the parts that you think will fit your playing style. A guitar kit is all the pieces required to piece a guitar together, and making your own comes down to a series of choices based on preference. Conventionally, guitarists buy pre-made guitars,

How To Play The Violin Instrument

Playing the violin requires a variety of skills, yet all of these skills can be urban with persistence, practice and generally essential, an excitement and passion pro composition.

Guitar Care Tips

If you just bought a new guitar, you're probably wondering what you should do to keep it looking and sounding great. Without proper care, your new guitar will eventually start to lose that perfect look, sound and, most importantly, the feel it has when it's brand new.

Big Bands in the 1940s

For most of the 1940s, big bands were the most popular form of American music. Most were composed of 12 to 22 musicians. Most had an acknowledged leader, and solo musicians that led the different instrument sections. Some of the section leaders became popular and formed their own bands. Expenses mad

2 Great Ways to Teach Yourself Piano

It is very difficult to learn piano on a scale that allows you to really move people with it. Yes it is the most emotive instrument on the planet, but it takes great skill and precision to play it to its full potential. I am going to give you two great ways to make sure that both your brain and fing

The Key To Learning to Play Guitar Fast

If you want to be a guitar virtuoso, play studio sessions, or play a classical instrumental guitar, then by all means, learn the scales and how to read music. But if you are simply looking to be able to pick up a guitar and play a song, or play along with friends, you don't need MOST of what yo

What Were the Origins of the Beatles Butcher Cover?

The Beatles record, 'Yesterday and Today' was one of a number of Beatles albums that were released to an American market but not released in the UK. This was actually fairly typical practice at the time as tracks that were previously unreleased in the US were put together on a separate alb