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How to Make a Bootable Disk to Access Win XP

Over the course of your time with your computer, you may find yourself in need of a way to boot into it without doing so straight from the hard drive. When this happens, you will need a bootable disk. A bootable disk lets you log into your computer from a floppy disk or CD rather than using the hard

Windows Benchmarking Tools

Benchmarking tools for Windows test your computer's image by Ewe Degiampietro from Fotolia.comBenchmarking a computer is a method of comparing the performance of one computer system with another. Benchmarking is useful because it allows for easy comparison between...

How to Get Rid of All Traces on a Computer

Completely wiping all traces of your own work from a hard drive is always a good idea before you give it away or sell it. Unfortunately, Windows does not offer a way to completely wipe the hard drive. Simply formatting does not erase the drive. Instead, it simply deletes and reorders the drive's fil

How to Make a BIOS Startup Disk

A BIOS startup disk is a disk from which the computer can boot into an operating system other than the one located on your hard drive for the purpose of updating or replacing the BIOS. You can create a startup disk with nothing more than a simple 3.5-inch floppy. To use the startup disk, just have i

XP Won't Boot After a Windows Update

A computer that refuses to load Windows following installation of a Windows Update program may be fixed by removing the last update installed, restoring your XP operating system to full functionality once again. This takes 10 minutes.

How to Upgrade Wireless 2200BG

The Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG is a mini PCI adapter that allows users to connect to wireless Internet networks on their computer. If you are having problems with your 2200 BG, you can upgrade the software to get it working properly. Upgrading the software is the best way to keep your 2200BG up to da

How Do I Get a Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 700 to Work on Windows XP?

The Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 700 is a keyboard/mouse combination that connects to any Windows-based computer, starting from the XP operating system. The hardware doesn't require a Bluetooth receiver since a wireless transmitter is provided with the keyboard and mouse. This allows you to co

How to Turn Wireless On or Off on the Asus K60i

The K60i range of laptops produced by Asus represents a mid-range offering in both price and features. Depending on the model within the series, different-sized hard drives and memory capacities are used. Some models feature Bluetooth capabilities. All laptops in the K60i series feature wireless con

How to Layer Samples in Ultrabeat

Apple's Ultrabeat drum machine, included with its Logic application, is a MIDI-triggered sampler or synthesizer. This means that it can generate sounds from a series of processed waveforms, or trigger recorded audio files loaded into its memory. Layered samples cause two or more recorded samples to

How to Edit Group Policy in XP Home

The Group Policy settings on your computer control what users can and cannot do in the operating system. By editing the Group Policy on your operating system you can define the rules that must be followed in each user account. Windows XP Home does not include the application that is used to edit the

How to Be Popular in School

The best kind of popularity is when people admire you for who you naturally are. The way to achieve this kind of admiration is to put your best foot forward at all times. In school, students worry so much about what others think about them instead of what they think about themselves. A healthy level

How to Activate Windows Update

Windows 7 has a program in it called Windows Update, which helps to keep the operating system updated with the latest patches and other additions released by Microsoft. If this feature is turned off, you can activate it to help ensure that you receive updates as they're issued.

How to Downgrade Windows Vista to Windows XP Professional

Windows XP is compatible with almost all software applications existing today, making it a reliable and practical choice for an operating system. Because of the practicality that this operating system offers, many Windows Vista users prefer to downgrade to Windows XP. If you want to downgrade to XP,

How to Restore a Lost Windows XP Logon Password

The Windows XP operating system allows different users to set up their own account preferences and settings so multiple people can use the same computer. If one of the users on the computer has forgotten their password, they can easily reset it by using a work around that Microsoft built into the sy

How Much Training Is Needed for High-Rise Window Washers?

Every high-rise building needs someone to clean the outside of its windows — this is where professional high-rise window washers come into the picture. Entering this field provides you with a job that pays around $50,000 per year, according to the "New York Daily News." Because this

How to Re-Build a Search Index in Windows After 4.0 Upgrade

Windows Search reduces the amount of time your computer spends searching for files by creating an index of them in a specified area of your hard drive. You can change these locations as desired or simply index your entire hard drive.At times it is necessary to rebuild that index; particu

How to Disable the Opera Turbo

The Opera browser is a popular free Web browser that allows you to surf the Internet, chat online, download files and send and receive email messages. One of the features is Opera Turbo; when turned on, this feature automatically increases your bandwidth when a slow Internet connection is detected.

How Important Is the Ping Number?

Ping is a very basic program, but it is one of the most important tools in network administration. The program is able to confirm a connection to a given address and give information about the round trip time of the message. When run for a series of transmissions, the variations in this number can g

How to Fix Windows Bootup Problems

If you're having problems with your Windows boot sequence, you'll need to use the Windows boot manager. This is accessible through the "msconfig" utility. Windows loads a variety of programs automatically as it starts up, which is an integral part of its boot sequence. If you're having problems with

How to Reduce the Taskbar to One Line

The taskbar on your Windows 7 computer acts as a dashboard of sorts, displaying buttons and icons that, if clicked, launch or expand applications and files. The taskbar can be made to be two lines in terms of its height. This makes icons and buttons sit on top of each other. To change this view, you