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Review of MSI NF750 - G55 Motherboard

MSI is one of the giants within the PC hardware industry. They have been around for as long as I can remember. Motherboards is one of the ground stones in their business but the company have diversified into many different areas the last couple of years and as you may know, MSI is now one of the top

How to Remove iMac Memory

Apple has been making stylish and user-friendly computers for years. One of these computers, the iMac, is an increasingly popular desktop model. A notable benefit of owning one of these models is that most of the simple repairs and upgrades can be performed yourself, without the help of a service te

How to Configure System32

Microsoft Windows operating systems maintain most of the files that are critical to the system in the System32 directory located in the main "Windows" directory on the system drive. Because the files are critical to system operation, access to change settings and files in System32 is limited. Howeve

What Is an External Wireless Adapter?

An external wireless adapter is a device that can be connected to a personal computer, laptop or netbook device that will allow the user to access a wireless internet or network signal. A USB wireless adapter is the most common external wireless device.

How to Burn in MKV Format to DVD

MKV is a video format similar to other popular video formats such as AVI, MOV and ASF. The MKV has become a popular video format in the anime world for its subtitle-track support and use of multiple audio. A DVD is an optimal disc containing video recordings such as a full-length film and can be pla

How to Install a Kodak ESP 7

The Kodak ESP 7 not only has the usual printing, scanning and copying capabilities that you expect from an all-in-one printer, but also allows you to print documents straight from your iPhone, iPad or even your Blackberry. Whether for home or business use, this wireless accessibility can be a conven

Pantech UM150 Specifications

The Pantech UM150 is a USB modem for use with Verizon Wireless' EV-DO Rev A network. As a USB modem, coupling the UM150 and a Verizon Internet subscription allows you to connect to the Internet by simply plugging this device into an open USB port on your computer. The UM150's specifications help you

How do I Get Wireless TalkTalk Working on a Computer?

If you have just ordered TalkTalk DSL with a wireless router, you must get your Internet working wirelessly. With your TalkTalk welcome package you have a wireless router, a power cable, microfilters and an installation CD which you can use to set up your Internet connection. Before you can use the

How to Identify the Leopard Quad Core

Identifying the number of cores on your Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard" computer is helpful when buying software and verifying software compatibility. Using the System Profiler tool included with Mac OS X lets you verify that your Mac OS X computer has four cores on either a single processor or two cores on

How to Update Rollup 5 for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1

The Rollup 5 program was designed to help the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 deliver emails from one account to another. If you still have the Rollup 5 software on your server, it is out of date. You can easily update your software from Microsoft to get your server running again with smoother perfor

How to Transfer DVDs From PAL to NTSC

Different regions of the world use different video formats. These changes are reflected in the video's sampling, frame rate and the way subtitles are displayed. PAL, commonly used outside the U.S. video market, is an alternative to NTSC, the standard for U.S. DVDs. Many NTSC players will refuse to p

Product Review For 3M Keyboard Cleaner

3M keyboard cleaner is among other cleaners used to clean computer keyboards. Liquid cleaner is claimed to be able to clean your keyboard effectively and completely. Just purchase the cleaner, use it and you will feel the difference on your keyboard. 3M keyboard cleaner is not only for keyboards, bu

How to Troubleshoot a Kingston Flash Drive Full 16GB Data Traveler

If your Kingston 16GB Data Traveler flash drive is acting up, there are several things that could be wrong. Either the problem is on your computer's end, in which case you need to redirect your operating system to recognize it, or the flash drive itself will need to be fixed. Both fixes are quite si

How to Reset a Netgear Network Key

Resetting a Netgear network key will revert the router back to its default settings and wipe all previously stored personal information. All Netgear routers have a built-in generic default user name and password (admin/password). Once your Netgear router is reset it will revert back to these setting

How to Make Animated Screensavers

Screensavers help protect your monitor from wear by displaying dynamic graphics when your computer is idle. Most computers come with several default screensavers. Users also can customize animated screensavers with the aid of software such as Animated Screensaver Maker. A trial version of the softwa

How to Install Linux on a M17x Laptop

Linux is a free, open source computer operating system with over 600 distributions as of 2010. The most popular and user-friendly of these is Ubuntu. Ubuntu includes a complete office suite, games, multimedia software and desktop access to hundreds of free applications. Developed with user-ease in m

Are There Signs That Your Computer Has Been Hacked Into or Given a Virus?

If something doesn't seem quite right about the way your computer is running, you may wonder if it has picked up a virus or if someone has hacked it. While both types of attack can cause similar symptoms, what a virus does and what a hacker does are different. A computer virus is a software progra