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How Does Credit Card Ratings Work?

What Are Credit Card Ratings?Several companies have sprung up in the last decade that compare credit cards, rate them and then report their information to the public. A consumer advocacy group started researching credit cards in 1998, because of the rise in credit card debt. Now there are...

How Do I Build Or Rebuild a Good Credit History?

You can build your credit history easily if you are considering applying for credit in the near future. If, however, you have had a poor credit report over the years and intend to redeem your rating, I advise that you start immediately.

How to Make My Citibank Credit Card Payment Online

Online Bill Pay is a convenient method for paying bills using a computer and secure login information. Your banking information is protected using data encryption methods to ensure that your account information is safeguarded against identity theft.While Online Bill Pay is a

How to Take Legal Action Against a Credit Card Company

You can take legal action against a credit card company if the creditor violates the Fair Credit Billing Act. This act protects consumers who have unauthorized or inaccurate charges to their credit card accounts as well as issues related to billing procedures. If you win your case, you could receive

How is a Credit Score Calculated

Having good credit can determine everything from having a good interest rate on a loan to whether an employer hires you. Do you ever wonder how a single number, your credit score, can have such a big effect on your life?

Know Different Credit Card Offers Before Signing Up For a Credit Card

Getting a credit card is easy. You just need to fill the application form. But getting the right one for you takes some effort and time from your side in judging and finding out for your self the best one suiting your needs. Different individuals have different requirements and there is no one card

Try Our Repair Kit For Your Damaged Credit

While good credit is a vital necessity in modern society, it is not a right. Good credit is a privilege earned through smart financial behavior. Those who have made bad financial choices in the past need not be penalized forever, though.

5 Reasons to Check Your Credit Report

Everyone hears the talk about credit reports and how important they are, but do people really check them like they should. A credit report is a footprint of your credit history and it is checked by many different people.

May I Negotiate a Settlement With a Debt Recovery Attorney?

People who fall behind on their debt payments face a range of unpleasant possible scenarios, including getting sued by your creditor or someone who has bought the debt from the creditor. Whenever an attorney representing your creditor or owning the debt contact you, you have a right to attempt to ne

How to Claim a Default Judgment

Lawsuits generally involve two or more parties, each pressing their own positions or defending against accusations of wrongdoing. When only one side appears in litigation, court time is reduced. After the plaintiff -- the party who files the initial complaint -- serves the defendant with the litigat

Understanding Credit Counseling

This article explains the difference between Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Credit Counseling. It also gives the reader specific information to help them determining if Credit Counseling is the correct option for their specific situation.

How to Kill Clover Without Hurting Jasmine

Clover is an annual broad-leaved plant with shamrock-shaped leaf patterns. Normally the plant is not a problem, and many people may desire it for the flowers and the soft feel of the leaves, but clover spreads easily and can choke off grasses and other plants. Jasmine is an ornamental shrub, with a

Peek Inside the Career of a Commodity Broker

Commodity brokers are usually paid on a commission basis, which means they get paid a percentage of the commissions from the trades their clients place. Since some commodity brokers are very good and many brokers fail in the first six months, it is very difficult to give an accurate estimate of what

Choosing Your First Credit Card

Have you been offered your first credit card? Before you activate it, consider comparing it to several other cards so you can get the best deal. Here are some features you should look for.

How to Fix Bad Credit and Reduce Stress

All of us have made financial mistakes at one point or another; after all, we are only human.However, the trick here is to not live with the problems that come along when you have bad credit any longer than necessary.