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How to Negotiate Your Salary During an Interview

As the old saying goes, "You are what you think" and this is definitely the case when it comes to doing a job interview. Lots of people go interviews with the notion that they have to do all the talking, I am here to tell you that this is the worst thing you can do, especially when it come

Recommended Preventative Maintenance for an Electric Forklift

An electric forklift has two primary components: the electric motor and the power source, or battery. The electric motor is a very reliable and efficient piece of equipment with very little if any preventative maintenance required. The best preventative care for the electric motor involves servicing

Best Time to E-Mail Resume

We live in a day and age where checking e-mail can be done with a press of a button. We carry around these handheld computers with information at our fingertips. This can be seen as a bad thing or a good thing. Timing is everything!

Definition of a Stock Reagent

A laboratory is much like a kitchen in that various ingredients are combined in different ways to produce different mixtures and reactions. Just as most chefs keep common ingredients in their pantries, scientific labs keep common compounds or stock reagents handy as well.

Email Etiquette: Sending Emails Without Annoying the Receiver

Email communication is among the most important aspects of business relationships. How many of you spend more than half of your working day reading or sending out emails? I know I do. Long gone are the days when we only communicated with others via phone or letters, which took almost a week to reach

Top Tips for Finding Great Courier Jobs

The current marketplace can seem quite crowded for those looking for courier jobs, but with a little initiative and hard work, you should be able to locate jobs and start making a very respectable living from the industry. The recent economic shifts have led to a fresh influx of people looking for d

How to Interpret Defensive Language in Business

In the communication process, the receiver -- the person receiving the given message -- helps influence the message's impact. The keys to controlling this influence correlate with your interpretation skills and responses. Correctly interpreting communications and wisely responding can even neutraliz


How to Become an Ionia, Michigan Corrections Officer

Corrections officers in Ionia County, Michigan work for the state's Department of Corrections. There are four correctional facilities there: Richard A. Handlon Correctional Facility, Ionia Maximum Correctional Facility, Bellamy Creek Correctional Facility and the Michigan Reformatory. When you join

What Are the Best Ways to Make Money Online in the United Kingdom?

Many people in Great Britain use the Internet to make extra money.internet image by Photosani from Fotolia.comAdvances in technology in regards to the Internet have led to more ways than ever to make money in the United Kingdom. While most legitimate opportunities do not promise to make...

The 5 Worst Home-Based Business Scams

For anyone who's ever received one to many home-based business scam emails, let me identify five of the most common and pernicious home business scams, which I've gleaned from several websites issuing

Quid Pro Bono: VeryNice and the Business of Volunteering

All too often, corporate citizenship is an afterthought. Sure, Fortune 500 companies frequently offer employee volunteer programs and matching gifts, and contribute pro bono work on a massive scale. However, incorporating corporate social responsibility as ...

Ethics Training for a Contractor

Regardless of the company or profession, ethics principles create the foundation for differentiating between right and wrong, honesty, integrity, respect, trust, openness, teamwork and professionalism. Contractors face ethical dilemmas that a corporate employee may never be exposed to. According to

What Does It Take to Acquire a Job in Cosmetology?

For those interested in a new vocation, cosmetology is a field that’s growing much faster than other jobs, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Cosmetology is a blanket term for many different jobs, all dealing with personal appearance and maintenance. If you want to be a cosmetol

Top 6 Ways to Prevent Violence in the Workplace

Due to the significant impact of workplace violation issues on the business, today's employer has realized that preventing violence is not someone else's job. If you are an employer

List of Veterinary Technician Schools in Virginia

Veterinary technicians assist in surgery.Nurse in Scrubs image by Mary Beth Granger from Fotolia.comVeterinary technicians are a vital part of the support staff of any veterinarian. Vet techs work hard to ensure optimal care for pets, laboratory animals, livestock, zoo dwellers and...

Approaching Communication to Deliver Business Objectives

Internal communication in South Africa finds itself at a turning point that of a shift towards a strategic rather than operational focus. As it becomes apparent that traditional communication platforms alone can no longer deliver behavioural change or impact for the organisation, there is a growing