How to Get Big Biceps by Doing Squats

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The Secrets Of Bodybuilding Training For Young Athletes

For many years, high school and college athletic coaches frowned upon their athletes doing any sort of weight training.However, as television brought more money to professional sports, college and even high school athletic programs worked to increase the performance of their athletes in order to kee

Muscle Building Tips!

Tired of filling your body with mysterious supplements that do nothing except make you bloated and sick. Tired of busting your ass in the gym 6 days a week, only to find you're the same size you were last month.Tired of watching other guys work out half as much and get twice as big. then read o

Flat Abs to Make You Look Lean

When you want to have an aesthetically formed body is the dream of everybody. Everyone wants to look good. Looks are directly related to good health. Especially, when they are connected to the physique!

The Argument For Being a Vegetarian Bodybuilder

There is a common misconception that in order to build muscle mass, you have to consume meat.Some of the other deterrents are the belief that even being a vegetarian and a power lifter is utter non-sense.Some of the reasons people choose to become a vegetarian are:

Your Ab Workouts - Are You Going Too Fast?

Most people especially beginners thought that ab workouts are all about quantity of crunches and not the quality of each movement. In fact, if you perform the crunches slower, it can use more muscle fibers.

How Many Reps to Build Muscle Are Ideal?

Sean Nalewanyj, the creator of the Truth About Building Muscle program, has studied how many sets and reps to build muscle are needed. He recommends performing from five to seven reps for each major muscle group. His highly recommended program explains how to effectively lift heavy weights to enjoy

Gaining Muscle Mass For the Skinny

For people who are seeking to score some muscle mass, they are likely to wonder what makes a good body building work out. Unfortunately, most of the fitness centers do not seem to offer decent work outs for people who struggle to increase body mass and muscle. If this seems like a situation that get

Best Ab Exercises to Get Ripped Abs

Scouring the internet or magazines you'll more than likely find hundreds of effective ab exercises labeled "the best abs exercises!" They may go on to description each exercise in detail with excellent content and images and maybe even videos clips of someone performing the exercises.

3 Benefits of Doing Flexibility Exercises For Bodybuilding

Back in school when we went to gym class the gym teacher usually made us go through these seemingly pointless routines at the beginning, a little running, some stretching and some other stuff. These exercises are a lot more important than you think, when you don't do them you are more likely to

3 Top Muscle Building Tips For Your Home Workout

In this article you will find out how the 3 top muscle building tips for your home workout will give you the body that you have always been dreaming about. With that being said, we will cover how muscle is replenished by protein.

Which Kettlebell Weights Should I Use

The holidays are over and what's left with the good old holiday cheer is the toll on the weight you have gained. Now is definitely the best time to start exercising and looking for a gym. But unfortunately, if you don't have the money for it, you can't enroll yourself in a good progra

Muscle Building Strategy to Build Lean Muscles Fast

How long will it take to build your muscle mass? This is the common question that we usually heard from people who are thinking of building their muscles. However, they have to think that there are many factors to have a lean muscle mass. They have to think of their diet. They have to sacrifice thei