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Make Money Online Easily, Simply by Blogging

Once you build a blog that is appealing, it is time to begin earning cash from it. The following step of attracting potential customers is the by far the most significant, if you would like to begin making money. The final step is deciding on how you will make money from your blog.

Setting Up a Blog Site the Correct Way

Setting up a blog site can be easy as one two three. Once you have learned and understood the ways how it works, everything will be smooth sailing for you. For starters, blog sites are like our virtual suggestion boards or comment boxes.

Blogging to Market Your Small Business Can Be Very Helpful

Writing a diary was one of the things people love to do way back. Some would really love to keep memories of the time they were happy or sad. But then nowadays, writing everything and anything under the sun can be done online and that's what we call blogging.

Build a Blog For Free

Looking to get started with a presence online? There are several ways to go about it. You can buy some website building software.

Top Blogging Tools

Once you've started blogging, its time to promote your weblog to the world. There are a number of great services that have emerged specifically to track the millions of blogs that are updated every da

How an Audio Podcast Can Help You Promote Your Business and Produce Results

Since the infancy stages of the internet explosion, large businesses and entrepreneurs alike have spent countless hours and blown many a budget in their efforts to drive more traffic to their websites. Search engine optimization and bidding on keywords for positioning, are strategies known to even t

Quick Podcasting - 5 Easy Steps to Podcasting

The online world is becoming more and more important with each Podcasting day. At present almost all those businesses which have an appreciable market share in their respective markets have a web presence. As a result of this growing importance...

How to Make a Tumblr Blog Into an XML File

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a universal format for storing electronic content. Because many blogs and content-management systems support importing content in the XML format, XML is an ideal format to use when backing up the content on a Tumblr blog. After downloading your Tumblr blog as an X

So You Want to Make Money With Blogs

Often, bloggers have unlikely expectations of how fast their visitor range will increase as well as how much cash they are going to earn, so when these targets are not met, the frustration can break the desire to continue blogging. The other trap that lots of bloggers fall under is due to not enough

How To Start a Blog - Some Basic Information

The word blog is short for web log. It started quite a few years ago as people created personal websites in order to make a journal. They would log entries into their journal on a daily basis, and other people who were interested would then go to the web site to read it every day.

What to Expect If You Blog to Make Money

If you blog to make money and have not been at it long there are some things you need to know in terms of what to expect. A money making blog is something that 'blossoms' out of your efforts and commitment and does not happen overnight. Read more to discover how 5 expectations you may have

How to Transfer Your Blog Archives From Blogger to Web Host

Transfer your blog archives from Blogger to your Web host to create an online backup for added peace of mind. Blogger provides a way to export your blog's contents, packing your data into a single XML file that you can save on both your Web server and your computer's hard drive. If you accidentally

How to Make Money From Your Blog - 10 Easy Ways to Make Profits Online

To know how to make money from your blog, it is important to understand first, what is blogging? Blogging can be defined as a frequent, chronological publication of thoughts published in the form of articles. It can be used as a free marketing method of promotion by providing important information a

How to Change the Order of the Menu for WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins -- add-ons you can install into WordPress -- sometimes come with options pages. These pages allow users to set up plugins with account information or to add style rules to make the plugins fit with their websites. You can edit the order that plugin option pages appear in the dashbo

How to Move a WordPress Domain to Blogger

Moving a domain from a WordPress blog to a Blogger site isn't difficult, but it does help to have experience editing Domain Name Server (DNS) records. It doesn't matter where you originally purchased the domain, you can get it pointed to your Blogger site and have it mapped properly in a few steps.

Comment Spam - a Huge Problem for Word Press Blog Owners

The blogsphere is clogged with blogs about comment spam, but what exactly is comment spam?The first thing a blogger needs to establish is a clear definition.It is a form of spamindexing - in another sense, it is a form of splogging. This type of splogging hi-jacks blogs to advertise something instea