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How to Paint a Collage

Collage is a fun way for people to express themselves through the visual arts. Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso are two well-known artists who worked with collage. Mixed media collages are one type of collage that incorporates another artistic medium, such as paint, into the process. Painting a coll

How to Make a Pack in the Yugioh Card Maker

"Yu-Gi-Oh!" is a card game from Japan in which players collect cards and do battle with each other. The player with life points left is the winner. The Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Maker is an online tool that allows users to create their own "Yu-Gi-Oh!" cards. You can either create real "Yu-Gi-Oh!" cards or make

How to Build a Battlefield With Paper Mache

Activity-based learning gives students an opportunity to use hands-on instruction to fully understand a subject. Constructing a battlefield, such as the one at Gettysberg in July 1863 with paper mache, will peak a child's intellectual curiosity and motivate him to learn about famous battles, such as

How to Make Minute Man's Hat Out of Paper

Tri-corner hats were commonly worn during Colonial times; they are sometimes called Minuteman hats because they were worn by the Minutemen — civilians who could be called to arms at a minute's notice. You can make a Minuteman hat out of old newspaper to use as a prop in a school play.

How to Cut Tulle From a Bolt for Tutus

Tulle is the net-like fabric used to make tutus and to add fullness to skirts. Tulle fabric comes in 6-inch-wide rolls, which is easy to use when making a no-sew tutu, because it eliminates a majority of the difficult cutting. A roll of tulle is also more expensive to buy than simply purchasing tul

How to Make Hand Mirrors

Hand mirrors are fun to make and give as special gifts. A beautifully embellished hand mirror can provide an interesting touch to a dressing table. A crafter can create a dozen hand mirrors, and each can look unique. Typically a hand mirror includes a handle with a circular or rectangular mirror at

How to Pour Plaster Molds

Plaster molds are useful for recreating a carving or object exactly. Poured plaster press molds can be used to create latex masks, sprig--pieces of raised decoration that can be applied to pottery or other projects--or to create the same decorative tile over and over. With some preparation and conce

Minelab Explorer XS Specifications

If you like hunting for treasure, then you'll enjoy a Minelab Explorer XS metal detector. Minelab started in 1985, and the company specializes in electronic equipment, including metal detectors. It is headquartered in Australia. Metal detectors can find any type of metal object, even if...

How to Make a Shirt Smaller by Washing It

Whether you can shrink a shirt in the washing machine depends on what type fabric was used for its construction and whether it has been pre-shrunk. Check the care label inside the shirt for this information. If the shirt has been pre-shrunk, you may not be able to shrink it further.

How to Make Quartz Resin

Quartz resin is created by combining metal shavings, quartz crystals and resin. Purchase the epoxy resin and quartz crystals at craft stores or online. Epoxy resin requires an activator to harden or cure the material. Contact local hardware stores or machine shops to find metal shavings of aluminum,

How to Make Felted Wool Buttons

Needle felting can be used to transform wool roving into wool felt, which can be used in creating a variety of craft projects. For example, you can turn ordinary buttons into handmade needle felted buttons that can adorn a handmade sweater or vest. In order to felt buttons, it is necessary to needle

How to Draw a Seagoing Vessel

Learning how to draw a ship can be a craft that will teach you much more than a new skill. You cannot draw a ship without having a basic understanding of its parts and their function. The key to drawing a ship, which will look like a very complex task, is to know how to break into basic helper geome

Religious Valentine Craft Ideas for Military Troops

Valentine's Day, while commonly thought to be a day to recognize the person that you love, can also be a day in which you recognize others. Troops who are serving far from home are often lonely at holidays like Valentine's Day. Anyone can get a list of troop addresses from their local VFW or Veteran

Unique Foot & Handprint Craft Ideas

People who like making crafts often use handprints or footprints to decorate them. Most often, people use their children's hand and footprints for these crafts as a way to remember how small they once were. Rather than making typical crafts, such as hand or footprints pressed onto a canvas with the

How to Make a Prayer Cloth

A prayer cloth can be used for spiritual healing and to provide comfort for the ill. Prayer cloths are often placed over the suffering while loved ones gather to pray. The cloth can also be held while praying, providing a visual and tactile object of focus. Soldiers have been known to carry small pr

How to Get Glitter Shirt Paint Off Nails

Glitter fabric paint is used to decorate shirts, aprons, hats or other items of clothing. This type of paint is found in craft stores and is usually water-based, meaning it is not made primarily with oil. Occasionally, paint gets on other, unintended surfaces such as the clothing you're wearing, hai

How to Make a Floral Pin

Brighten your favorite outfit, add color to a suit or perk up your purse with easy-to-make floral pins. You can add them to your jacket or blouse or pin them onto a hat if you want a little feminine touch. The floral pins can be made with any fabric and you can finish them in a couple of minutes.

How to Safely Find Mushrooms in the Pacific Northwest

Many people fear wild mushrooms and avoid picking and eating them when they discover them in the forest. But, with just a little knowledge, a new world of culinary adventure opens for those who seek out one of nature's most delicious treasures.Yes, there are some very dangerous mushroom

How to Do the Body Action of a 3 Step Turn to the Right

The three step turn is a necessary basic move. It exists in any routine above the Bronze level. Although most people think of the turn in its footwork configuration, there are body action components that truly make the turn what it is. Quality, speed and movement are all important components of this