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Australia's Top 10 Most Amazing Natural Wonders

Diverse is a word that conveys a richness and variety of culture and landscape; however it really does not do justice to the awe-inspiring range of breathtakingly beautiful sights that Australia has to offer lucky ...

Buying a Used Jet

Many pilots dream of someday owning their own jet, of being able to fly on a whim or even open their own small or private airline. Buying a used jet can be both an exciting and frustrating adventure for the first-time buyer, especially when attempting to purchase exclusive lines such as Gulfstream.

Book Orlando Flights Despite the Recession!

Also known as family fun capital of America, Orlando is a perfect holiday destination for one and all despite any restriction or age barrier. The mere word of Orland conjures up an image of high rise buildings, clean and clear lanes with fresh air soothing all your worries. Orlando in reality is dot

The History Of the Air Ambulance

The air ambulance was a concept initiated by two US Army medical officers. Capt George H. R. Gosman and Lt A. L. Rhodes, who were looking for a way to transport patients by air.

British Airways Flight 38 Plane Crash

British Airways, which in recent times launched its largest campaign in eleven years, is one of the greatest risers in the airline industry. British Airways Flight 38 (call sign Speed bird 38) was a planned flight from Beijing Capital International Airport to Heathrow international airport London. T

How to Calculate Halfway Distances

Exactly how to calculate a halfway distance depends on your goals and the tools you have available. If you want to meet a friend halfway between two starting points, use an internet travel website and a pencil. If you're assembling base camp on a multi-day adventure hike, you'll need a map and some

Legally Texting and Calling in the Air

People who travel frequently in part because of cheap travel options, such as cheap airplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, and cheap vacation packages, will likely be happy to learn that soon they may be able ...

Kangxi-Repair the Book, Attention to Taoism

He has held many learned ru Division, breaking the boundaries Manchu, eclectic selection of personnel, the heart of Scholars world wide income. He founded the Southern study system, and visit Qufu paid respects to the ...

Newcastle, City of Excitement and Entertainment

Renowned for its lively nightlife, and boasting a wealth of world-class entertainment attractions, Newcastle upon Tyne is a vibrant city that has worked hard to grow up from its industrial roots. Indeed, traditionally known for ...

Aviation Headsets - A Purchase Guide

Often times, new flight students find themselves with the dilemma of what headset to purchase. This decision becomes more difficult when the student discovers the large variant in prices and styles among aviation headsets. A good aviation headset should be thought of as an investment in a student pi

Flying for the First Time: Important Tips You Should Know

As a honeymoon specialist, I deal with a lot of young couples. Many who have never flown before. I know how overwhelming it can be to fly for the first time. Please check out these important tips that will make the whole process much more relaxing and easy.

Undercover Airport Parking Rates

If you are going on holiday or on a business trip and you are staying for longer than a day and traveling by plane, then you will have the issue of where to park your car and how to keep it safe until your return. If this is the case, then the best option is to use undercover airport parking. Basica

How to Board an Airplane Faster

Delayed flights are not only a frustration for you the traveler, but also an exorbitant expense for the airlines, which naturally is passed on to you the consumer. It's not always the weather, the flight crew or maintenence that causes delays to the schedule. Sometimes, it's inconsiderate passenger

How to Choose the Right Airline for You

At the basic level, every airline is the same. For a fare they will take you from one place to another. But that's where the similarities end; for every airline is different in the way they provide their service.

Top Three Places to See in Ecuador

Ecuador may not be referred to as a heavenly paradise but it surely is a beautiful country possessing many of the nature marvels. The most interesting thing about the country is the fact that it's ...

Kerala: Full Of Incredibly Natural Beauty

The Indian state of Kerala is known as God’s Own Country and is situated in the south west region of the Malabar Coast. The state is covered with lush hill stations, exotic wildlife and the air is incensed with coconut which will leave evergreen memories with you.