Significance of Webinars in Hong Kong

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Webinars have emerged as one of the most powerful marketing tools for marketing and advertising agencies in Hong Kong. These are Internet-based solutions that enable marketing professionals to provide the requisite information to the target audience in a convenient and cost effective manner. With webinar solutions, these organizations are able to have a wider and more global reach. Such products allow professionals working on different operating systems, like Mac, Linux, Ubuntu and Windows, to communicate with each other, thus eliminating the need to work on the same platform.

Webinar softwareare easy to operate and allow professionals to display images and presentations with the  live or recorded voiceover. This helps in demonstrating the salient features of the product being showcased online and can help drive a stronger marketing pitch. Consequently, most Hong Kong-based marketing and advertising agencies that have overseas operations or serve overseas clients have adopted webinars in their daily operations. They find that webinars effectively provide concise and succinct information to their remotely located clientele and employees in real-time.

Preparing a webinarpresentation is quite simple and only requires proficiency with software like MS PowerPoint and Open Office Impress to make slides. Professionals can use images and videos to illustrate the details, specifications and working of any product and provide voiceover to underscore the salient features. Alternatively, marketing professionals can also opt for images of products or associated videos that exhibit the specifications, working and features of the same. Animations are also used by some organisations to keep the audience interested in the web seminar. Editing software like Adobe After Effects and Jahshaka are also used while preparing content for marketing webinars.

There are many webinar providers in Hong Kong that render premium quality web seminar services for Investor Relations (IR) meetings. These meetings are generally  held either quarterly, half yearly or annually. There are as many as 1,413 companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and all these firms need to host webinars to inform the public of their periodic financial growth. Such firms opt for webinars and webcasts to reach a broad demographic simultaneously in real-time.

In Hong Kong, webinars can be held using a simple video and telephone, wherein participants can dial in and hear moderators provide the requisite details of the video being played on the Internet. This is a very cost effective way of hosting a seminar remotely without compromising on the efficiency of the event. High end solutions are also available in Hong Kong, which require the host to upload a video on a sophisticated web conferencing console and play voiceover using the same. Both of these solutions are quite effective in imparting the requisite information to the remotely located target audience.

Companies can make use of webinar software to host lead generation meetings to capture a larger client base in the international market. A large number of companies in Hong Kong are engaged in exporting goods to foreign markets and rely on such remote meeting solutions gain increase the number of clients in the global market. In order to maintain the interest of the audiences, companies make use of interactive slides and annotation tools etc. while providing the requisite information to the clients. Moreover, to gauge their interest level in the session, moderators can use voting or polling applications.

In conclusion, it can be said that webinar solutions are important for all organisations based in Hong Kong that aim to multiply their client base and transmit information to remote audience in real-time.
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