The Danger of Daycare Negligence

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For the working or busy parent, daycare can be a blessing.
Not only are you able to remain committed to your employment and income, but you are able to do so while trusting that your child is in the care of professionals who are trained to properly supervise and nurture them.
Sadly, as with any other aspect of life, there are times when the very entities hired to provide care instead act negligently and cause unnecessary pain.
When your child falls victim to daycare negligence it can be difficult to know what steps to take next.
By knowing what some of the most common forms of daycare negligence are, you may be able to help keep your child away from an institution or personnel that could ultimately cause your precious little one serious harm.
Some common forms and results of daycare negligence include the following:
  • Physical injury resulting from a lack of supervision, whether it is caused by altercations between the children or an accident that could have been prevented with proper care.
  • Illness resulting from general negligence, such as exposing a child to an allergen or allowing a sick child to interact with a healthy child, thereby making them sick.
  • Failure to prevent accidents and negative experiences, such as sexual abuse, physical abuse, harassment, or metal / emotional trauma.
If your child has suffered from any of the above accidents or experiences it is likely your entire family has been burdened with emotional pain and financial loss related to the suffering of your child.
An experienced attorney can help you seek compensation for this from those responsible for your traumatic experience.
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