Decorating Ideas From the 50s

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    • To decorate a room in a '50s interior style, choose contemporary furniture with clean lines. Select upholstered pieces for living room furniture with straight lines. Chrome legs for kitchen tables give your home a retro 1950s look. Add a single piece of retro furniture to your room for an interesting focal point. Furniture from this interior design era is utilitarian with an attention to comfort.


    • You can choose your color palette for a 1950s interior from pastel shades, modern colors and contemporary shades. Favorite pastel colors from the '50s include turquoise, pale blue, butter yellow, mint green and pink. A color palette with bolder colors for your furniture upholstery and walls includes bright blue, orange, red and yellow. For a contemporary 1950s decor, choose neutral shades of cream, brown and green for a touch of color.


    • The 1950s introduced interesting design choices in linoleum floors. Prior to this decade, linoleum floors lacked design choices for homeowners. In the 1950s, the design of the flooring became more important. Choose red and white or black and white checked tiles for your kitchen flooring with this interior design choice. Wall-to-wall carpeting was new during this time and is a favorite choice for bedrooms and living room designs with a 1950s decor.


    • Choose chrome for kitchen appliances such as toasters. Geometric shapes or sculptures of animals work well for lamp bases in a 1950s style for your living room and bedrooms. Lampshades in parchment or fabrics in solids or geometric prints fit with a '50s interior design. A jukebox from the era makes a nice touch for a game room or home theater room.

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