Law of Attraction -How Do You Define Success?

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What is the first picture that comes into your mind when you think of a successful life? Did you think of a large house? Did you think of nice cars, expensive clothes, exotic world travels with family and friends? If those ideas came to your mind you are like many who want this ideal of success.
With the law of attraction becoming well known many people are steadily on their way to obtaining this dream while others flounder badly.
Why do Some Excel with The Law of Attraction
  • They cease the opportunity to learn more.
  • They saturate their mind every change they get to master the techniques of thought creation.
  • They don't read one book they read every book.
  • They take fast action because they understand that learning requires immediate application.
  • They know that wealth comes to them the more magnetic they become.
Why Do Most Fail to Succeed with The Law of Attraction
  • Those who fail, do because they think they know it all and are not willing to learn more.
  • They expect to learn something once and master it immediately.
  • They don't understand how crucial technique is to the attraction process.
  • They think vision board and slide shows are what makes one successful at manifesting.
  • They are slow to take action and wait until everything has fallen apart.
You have to ask yourself the all important question.
Are you the one who excels with the law of attraction or are you the one who fails miserably at it all? If you are failing to succeed what are you willing to do differently to make the changes?
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