Experiencing the Problem of iTunes Duplicates – TidySongs to the Rescue!

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If you even remotely like music, then the chances are good that you have an iPod and that your computer's favorite if not primary, music library is Apple's iTunes. If you are a music fan of any degree, then the chances are also good that at one time you had a CD collection big or small, and that at least a few of these CDs were mixed and you never wrote down what songs were on them (I love the surprise of hearing a song I forgot about too) and that you uploaded all of these CDs to your computer and your iTunes music library. All good so far. So, you're jogging or driving or just sitting bored at home listening to your iTunes on shuffle when all of a sudden you hear the same song twice, three, or even four times in rapid succession. You look at your iPod or you computer screen and press the previous track button. You see Untitled 12, Untitled 19, Untitled 4 and your brow furrows. You knew this would happen. You knew that one-way or another all of those old, mixed CDs you made would come back to haunt you one day. Sadly, that day is today. What can you do about all of those duplicate tracks? You can search your iTunes library (which can be huge), locate the duplicate songs, and delete them one at a time, by hand. If this sounds like boring, tedious, and brain killing work to you, then you would be right. Manual, repetitive work has to be the worst kind of work out in the world, ever. What is even worse is that you don't have to delete these songs by hand; all of this mind numbing work is totally avoidable with TidySongs.

The TidySongs program is an iTunes duplicate song killer. Finally, a nightmare killer for your nightmare. This program will scan your entire iTunes music library going over each individual song, locate those annoying duplicate songs and delete the little buggers. TidySongs will even select the best of the duplicates and based on music and audio quality, suggest the song that you should keep and those that can be deleted. Misspelled or haphazardly organized songs? Not a problem for TidySongs. TidySongs will not just locate all of the misplaced music, but it will correct the mislabeled information automatically. TidySongs does all of this for you and all you have to do is sit back and relax.

With TidySongs, you get software that will find those repeating songs and remove them. TidySongs is the perfect bouncer. It does not just remove the problem; it fixes things so that you will not have to worry about similar problems in the future. TidySongs gives your computer a full iTunes scan that is sure to improve your listening experience. Experiencing the problem of iTunes duplicates – TidySongs to the rescue! If you're tired of hearing the multiple copies of the same song, then you should look at TidySongs and try their free trial download. You won't regret it!
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