Unique Places for a Bookcase

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    • Combining a bookshelf with your staircase may seem like a simple space-saving measure, but it can provide an interesting look for your home as well. You can convert the walls that enclose your staircase into built-in bookcases, which saves you from having to paint or wallpaper because the books add color and texture to the space. You can also add built-in bookshelves beneath your staircase if you have an empty space in that area. However, for the most unique and dramatic look, you can have your staircase built with the bookcase forming the stairs' risers. Instead of a solid wood face, the spines of your favorite books decorate the risers for a look that truly makes a statement.


    • Look up for a creative place to store your books -- your rafters may be the ideal spot for your library. Rafter bookcase are relatively easy to build, since you can simply nail plywood to the rafters' supports to create shelves for your books. Placing a bookcase in your rafters also allows you to add color and texture to the ceiling area, a spot that often goes undecorated, to give your room a more interesting look.

    In the Floor

    • You can also find a creative spot under foot to store your books. Placing a bookcase in your floor allows you to utilize space that would otherwise go unused and creates a fun, colorful look for the floor. Because of the work involved, it is usually best to hire a contractor to inlay the bookcase in the floor. If you are concerned about dust collecting on your books or guests stepping on your collection, add a hinged Plexiglass door so the books are still visible but protected from wear and tear.

    Inside a Chair

    • If you don't want to go to the trouble of building a bookcase into a feature of your home, you may opt for a ready-made item that provides unique storage. Add a chair or bench that features a bookcase in its frame to your living room or bedroom. Bookcase chairs are the ideal spot to curl up with a book since there is always one right at your fingertips, and they also make an interesting conversation piece. They are available made entirely of wood, though this style is often uncomfortable. Other models feature cushioned seats so you can comfortably relax whenever you want to read.

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