Top 10 Tips to Protect Yourself from Credit Card Fraud

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With almost everything processed in cashless basis nowadays, credit card fraud and scams are certainly on the rise. If it's not really safe to trust your financial information with restaurants, shopping malls and phone transactions, how much more with Internet and online transactions where your presence is really not required? Nevertheless, whether you are going to transact personally, over the phone or over the Internet, you are encouraged to take necessary precautions when giving out your financial information, such as credit card number. You should remember that all those who engage in fraudulent activities are very cunning and although the best rule of thumb is to always use your common sense, you still need as many tips as you can get to protect yourself from Internet and credit card scams and fraud. Read through and check out the top 10 tips for your fraud protection.

Tip # 1

When transacting personally, always keep an eye on your credit card especially when you use it. As much as possible, get your card back quickly and try not to let it out of your sight because copying your card number, your CVS, your name and expiry date does not take a long time to perform.

Tip # 2

Be very careful in choosing the person whom you are going to give your credit card. Unless you are the one who initiated the call and you are sure that the company you are dealing with is reputable, do not give your card number. You should keep in mind that legitimate and reputable companies do not call their clients on the phone for card number.

Tip # 3

Have you heard about the "phishing scams"? These are the email messages that request the recipients to provide their credit card information via email. Do not ever entertain these messages and do not ever respond to email messages asking you to visit websites for the verification of your personal information including your card information.

Tip # 4

Always check if the website you will be providing your card information with is a secure site.

Tip # 5

Sign your card as soon as you receive it.

Tip # 6

Open your bills right after receiving them and check if there are bogus charges. You should treat your card bills like your checking or current account. Your bills should be reconciled monthly. It would help you a lot if you can save and keep your receipts to compare with your monthly credit card bills.

Tip # 7

Keep your PIN number to yourself and never write it anywhere on your card. It's a safety measure in case your wallet or purse gets stolen.

Tip # 8

Always keep your credit cards and your receipts and as much as possible, destroy and void unused and incorrect receipts.

Tip # 9

Always shield or cover your credit card number so that other people can't copy it or with the high technology, capture it with their camera or cell phone camera.

Tip # 10

Always keep a list of your card numbers, card expiration dates, telephone numbers, address and email address of your card issuer so that you can easily contact them when problems happen.
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