Do You Know How Often Are You a Subject of Hypnosis?

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Do you know how often are you a subject of hypnosis? I'm not mind reader, but the answer isn't zero.
"I would like you to concentrate on any fixed point in this room you like, and while you do it you may realize your eyelids are starting to close...
" It is the most common imagination associated with the word "hypnosis".
And you're right.
Hypnosis is partly about relaxing the brain, by doing so you become more open to suggestions.
A lot of people thinks hypnosis is some kind of magic or scam, while it is used a lot by magicians hypnosis has been scientifically proven to work.
Hypnotic language of persuasion, however, is something else.
After all, no one wants clients to fall asleep during business presentation! When I say hypnotic persuasion I mean speech and text that is impossible to not listen to or read.
I mean writing and speech that is so interesting that your reader or listener will forget about the outside world, suddenly every problem you are concerned with is becoming insignificant, the only thing that matters is reading.
The effect you will achieve is not only grabbing their attention but also persuading them to do whatever you like.
I bet this is the more desirable result then making your prospects fall asleep.
It is more than probable you've read a text that was of incredible interest to you, you also met a person you just couldn't stop listening to.
While you were doing something very entertaining, have you ever stopped paying any attention to time passing by? You were so drawn into this activity that even if someone would say something to you, you would be unable to recall it? You were so absorbed by reading or listening, that everything else didn't matter? A good book can hypnotize you.
Interesting story can hypnotize you.
Now I would like you to recall a time when you have been put into the trance by advertisement.
I bet you can't come up with one at the moment, it's because most of the time commercials are boring rather than attention grabbing.
But imagine what would it be like if you could use your language in a way that would hypnotize your listeners, make them remember exactly what you've said and even more importantly would make them do what ever you suggested them to do! Completely useless stuff, don't you think? It would make no sense in selling, politics or negotiations.
Why would you bother!? Hypnotic trance is so common, that you can classify it equally to your physical needs and processes(please don't make me give any examples).
Whenever you travel in your mind somewhere far, far away and stop to notice what is happening around you - you are in a trance! Or when you are reading something fascinating and you just can not break - you are also in a trance.
Another very interesting phenomenon is group hypnosis.
Are politicians hypnotizing us? Scientific research confirms that people are much more receptive to manipulation when they are in large groups.
However the issue of conformity is not enough to excuse group behavior.
We can do many things we would never do alone under the influence of others, it is absolutely normal behavior that has roots in human evolution.
I would like to ask you a simple question: "have you ever modified your decision, under the pressure of other people? Hypnosis is all around us, we are hypnotized by movies, newspapers, music, we even hypnotize ourselves.
This process takes place no matter if you like it or not.
So, since it is so widespread, can you afford to ignore it? Perhaps here lies a potential, a possibility? Do you start to realize how you can easily turn resistant customers to hottest fans of your product/service who are eager to make a purchase?
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