How to Decorate Clear Plastic Christmas Ornament Balls

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    • 1). Remove the top ring and the wire from each ornament. Pour a splash of alcohol into each ornament and swill it around until the inside is coated with alcohol. Place each ornament upside down to dry.

    • 2). Squeeze a small drop of acrylic paint inside of each ornament, tilting the ornament so the paint runs down the sides. Turn the ornament slightly and add another drop of paint that runs down the opposite side of the inner portion of the ornament. Repeat this once more. You should now have three lines of paint running down the inside of the ornament.

    • 3). Add a drop of paint in a new color, letting the drop run next to the first line you made. Add a second drop of paint to the inside of the ornament next to another line in the first color. Repeat this process once more.

    • 4). Add a third drop of color to all the blank slits along the inside of the ornament. There should be about three places that could still use a dab of color. All the paint color should pool at the bottom of the plastic ornament.

    • 5). Place the ornaments in front of you in an empty egg carton. Turn them every five minutes for an hour, until the paint evenly coats and swirls inside the ornament. Drain out the excess paint, and allow the ornaments to dry overnight.

    • 6). Turn the ornament every two hours the next day, allowing a final swirling pattern to occur as it fully dries.

    • 7). Put the tops and the wire back on each ornament.

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