Havahart Wireless Dog Fence Review

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The Havahart Wireless dog fence is the newest entry into the wireless dog fence market.
The Havahart base station goes inside your house and uses WiFi to create a circular wirelessly boundary around your home.
The receiver collar fits around the dogs neck and communicates with the base station.
When the dog gets too far from the base station the collar beeps to warn the dog to retreat, and then corrects the dog with a static shock if the dog ignores the warning.
The Havahart does things a little differently, using a bigger antenna built into the dog collar.
The base station also is a little smarter using better error correction and predictive algorithms to better keep tabs on the dog.
This different approach gives the Havahart Wireless makes a few improvements over existing wireless dog fences.
First the range on the Havahart is expanded to 400 feet, more than double other systems.
Second, the system is most accurate with boundary locations moving about half as much as other systems.
Finally, the Havahart is more responsive than systems, warning the dog and correcting the dog in a more timely manner.
The Havahart does have a few disadvantages over other wireless fences.
The collar is bigger and bulkier than most.
It also has a clunky rubber collar - the downside of integrating the antenna into the collar.
Note however that despite the size, the collar is a similar weight to other wireless systems.
And like all wireless fences the collar can be slower to respond and less exact that a wired dog fence.
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