Relationship Coaches - A Single Person"s Best Resource

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Want to lose weight? Hire a personal trainer.
Want to find a fulfilling job? Hire a career specialist.
Want to know how to invest your money so you can maximize your return? Hire a financial advisor.
Want to attract the love of your life and the life that you love? Hire a relationship coach! If you are single and looking for love or dating and trying to decide if he or she is the "One", then it is time to partner with a relationship coach! With a relationship coach you can develop the dating knowledge and skills necessary to attract the right relationship for you or decide if the relationship you are in is really the right one for you.
Have you ever said any of the following to yourself? •There are no good single men/women out there •I'm too _________ to attract someone (Fill in the blank: old, unattractive, fat, etc.
) •Dating is too hard and more trouble than it's worth These are just some common beliefs single men and women have when it comes to dating and relationships.
By spending one-on-one time with a relationship coach, you will be able to: A.
Identify what you truly need to have in a relationship for it to be successful B.
Eliminate any negative beliefs that have held you back from the relationship you desire C.
Increase your self-confidence and attract your ideal partner while you're also creating the life you have always dreamed of Be aware-if you continue to do what you have always done, you will continue to get what you have always got.
Please do not allow any of these excuses to get in the way of partnering with a relationship coach: 1) "I Don't Have Time" In order to attract the love of your life, you will need to set time aside in your schedule to meet with your relationship coach by phone and commit to doing the necessary inner work.
When you are working with your relationship coach and doing the inner work, you are actually taking a direct short cut route right to your ideal partner.
How? Because during your coaching sessions, you will pinpoint exactly what is required for your ideal relationship.
As a result, you will transform yourself into a love magnet that will draw the right partner straight to you.
Without completing the inner work, you are just wandering around aimlessly hoping that the next relationship you happen to stumble into will be the right one.
You are basically taking a shot in the dark and it's going to take even more time to figure out if the person you have selected is right for you.
Save yourself time and partner with a relationship coach to create a firm dating plan that will usher you into the arms of your mate! 2) "I Can't Afford It" While cost is often a deciding factor in many of the purchasing decisions we make, it is also important to look at the major costs you are enduring by NOT working with a relationship coach.
How much is it costing you now to go on date after date feeling rejected by someone who did not return your feelings? (By the way, during your coaching sessions you will learn how to banish any feelings of rejection!) What is it costing you now to be swallowed up by feelings of discouragement, frustration, and hopelessness because you haven't been able to find a partner that is right for you? How much is it costing you now to endure the constant pain of an unhappy relationship that chips away at your heart piece by piece? Have you suffered from sadness, loneliness, depression, or low self-esteem because you do not have love in your life? How much is the love of your life worth to you? What price can you place on true compatibility and love? Whether you realize it or not, there is a great cost to NOT working with a certified relationship coach.
When you partner with a relationship coach, you are saving yourself time, energy, and additional expenses because you can avoid doing the things that will deter you from attracting a compatible partner and a successful love relationship.
3) "I Go To My Friends For Dating Help" Friends are wonderful and we need each and every one of them! They are there to encourage us and offer a shoulder to cry on when we are down.
However, friends are not always able to provide constructive feedback on your dating life.
There are times when friends may not have the best intentions towards you when giving advice and they can be judgmental, jealous, or may steer you in the wrong direction.
Often times your friends are in the same boat as you and are trying to navigate their way through their own rough dating waters.
They may not know any more than you do about dating and relationships and are not qualified to give you advice.
Now is your chance to partner with a certified relationship coach who will be by your side every step of the way.
Your relationship coach, who has the knowledge and expertise to guide you in the direction you want to go, is completely objective, truthful, and truly has your best interests at heart.
Your success in love is the #1 priority! 4) "I Already Know What I Want" It is wonderful that you have already identified some key factors that are important for you in your next relationship.
But guess what? There's more! What we know about ourselves is only the tip of the iceberg (the 10% that is above the surface).
What lies beneath the surface is what we are not aware of and that is the information we need to uncover in order to be happy and fulfilled.
With a relationship coach you will discover the 90% that lays hidden below the surface and understand how to use this information to create the relationship you have always dreamed of! Remember, the person you choose to spend your life with is one of the most important decisions you will make.
This decision affects every aspect of your life: your mental, physical, and emotional well-being as well as your environment, your finances, and your children, just to name a few.
Isn't it about time that you partner with a certified relationship coach to make sure that you are making the best decision when it comes to choosing a mate? We ask for help to eat healthy, play a sport and to improve our appearances.
Why not ask for assistance to find a compatible life partner and success in love?
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