List Building - How to Create a High Value Lead Magnet That Increases Subscriber Opt-Ins Like Magic

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List building is a very important strategy for anyone who wants to build an online business that will make money day in day out for a long time.
You have probably heard the statement- the money is in the relationship with the list.
This is very true but you cannot have a relationship with your list until you actually go out and start building the list.
To build a list you will have to offer something valuable to people landing on your website or squeeze page.
This offer is usually called a LEAD MAGNET.
The lead magnet you offer on a squeeze page can affect the conversion rate and the number of subscribers you get.
So it is important you know and offer the best lead magnet that will give you the best conversion possible.
This is how you can create a high value lead magnet that subscribers will rush to download.
Find Out What People Want In Your Niche For something to be seen as very HIGH value, it has to be something that people want in that niche.
This could be a solution to a problem.
It could be answers to frequently asked questions.
It could also be a software that solves a major problem.
But the big question is,how can one find out exactly what people want in a niche.
Here are a few effective ways of doing this.
Visit where people in your niche hang out Every niche or market has a place online where people interested in that topic hang out.
A good example is a forum.
Every niche has a forum where people hang out and relate with other people who have similar interests.
This is a prime place to find out what people in your niche want.
So go to a forum in your niche and read all you can to find in the forum.
This will help you find out exactly what they want.
Find Out What People are Buying In Your Niche There are many places online where people make purchases and buy products to solve their problems or fulfill their desires.
If you visit these places you can easily find out what people in your niche want.
Good example of places you can visit online and discover what people buy in your niche are; ClickBank.
com, Amazon.
com, eBay.
com, lulu.
com and other places where people spend money and buy stuff.
Now after finding out exactly what people what information people are buying you can now go on to create your own and use it as a lead magnet.
There are very many other secret ways of creating lead magnets that will get subscribers jumping into your list but with this 2 tips you can easily get started.
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