Why Have a Luxurious Holiday in Samoa

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Where can you find tranquility, peace, utter beauty and total relaxation? In Samoa - a remarkable South Pacific paradise.
Each of the ten islands that form Samoa offers its own individual specialties for visitors - lush rainforests, cascading waterfalls, rugged mountains, azure lagoons, deep valleys and crystal clear waters glistening on the islands' soft sandy beaches.
Some of these islands are bustling with locals going about their everyday lives in this island paradise, while other islands are inhabited only by the amazing wildlife that abounds here.
Scattered around the inhabited islands are numerous villages, called nu'u by the locals.
These villages are usually laid out with the homes and other buildings on the outskirts, surrounding a common area or malae in the centre.
There are numerous comfortable accommodation options for your luxury tour, but if you want to stay at one of the most exclusive luxury resorts of Samoa then Aggie Grey's Lagoon Beach Resort and Spa is just what you're looking for.
Aggie Grey's is renowned for its high quality.
Secluded amongst 50 acres of tropical gardens, this resort is exquisite.
Imagine sipping cocktails while lounging by the resort's private lagoon, under the tall palm trees swaying gently in the island breeze, the smell of the fresh sea air wafting by.
Your stay at Aggie Grey's comes complete with use of the 18 Hole Championship Golf course.
Another luxury hotel in Samoa is the Sinalei Reef Resort and Spa.
This beachfront resort is nestled amongst the lush tropical forests of Samoa and offers fine dining, bars and sporting facilities to make your vacation complete.
As the names of these two resorts imply, you can fully expect to be pampered here, treated with the warmth and care that Samoans love to bestow upon their guests.
If you are enjoying a luxury honeymoon in Samoa, you can expect to receive special attention to ensure that your honeymoon is without doubt a magical experience.
If you don't feel like spending all of your time lazing on the beach or by a sparkling lagoon there are plenty of activities for you to enjoy.
Immerse yourself in the traditional Samoan culture - heritage, food, craft and dance are all here.
The men of Samoa will entertain you with their lively slap dance, or fa'ataupati.
One of the most beautiful dances you will ever see is surely the Samoan siva, where a young maiden tells her story through her graceful movements.
In stark contrast, the fire knife dance, or siva afi, is a dynamic dance performed by the young men of the islands as they rapidly twirl flaming knives around themselves.
The best way to discover some of the most unique parts of the Samoan islands is by taking an organised tour as some of the most stunning sights are remote and may be closed on certain days.
One such place where a tour is recommended is the Piula Cave Pool.
This refreshing cave pool is situated underneath an historic Methodist Church.
With a small entrance under the water, it is the place where two caves connect.
Other activities for you to enjoy include superb game fishing, diving, surfing and snorkelling.
You can even swim with turtles! The spectacular reefs surrounding these islands are home to an assortment of colourful fish.
It's also worthwhile visiting Vailima where you can see the carefully restored homestead where Robert Louis Stevenson lived with his family in the years before he died.
After all this activity, head to one of the relaxing Samoan spas for some pure indulgence! Your luxury holiday in Samoa is completed by a vast array of tasty delicacies.
Food lovers can indulge in the freshest seafood - crayfish, tuna, snapper and other seafoods are caught fresh daily.
These are complemented by fresh tropical fruits, vegetables and coconuts that are grown on the islands.
Whether you stay for a week or a month, you are sure to have very special memories of your luxury holiday in Samoa.
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